Blog entered 3 June 2014.

For the last 2 years or so I have sent a weekly email to Sanctuary Housing’s Managing Director Simon Clark, ex Group Director Rosemary Crawley and CEO David Bennett, which now runs to 12 pages. Stephen Gilbert MP was sent the full 12 page copy and Cornwall Council’s Fraud Benefit Office was sent the following part entry because it involves Fraud by Sanctuary Housing again. I quote :

“2 June 2014, I today report receiving a further letter from Ms Harding dated 28 May 2014 against my expressed wishes of 8 April 2014, because Ms Harding, like her boss Richard Keeley, is a liar and is untrustworthy. The following reply to her letter, in paragraph form, is therefore addressed to you Mr Clark and the CEO to answer. I assume the reason you are still using Harding is because she is expendible.

Paragraph 1, While the gardener continues to maintain the Play Area within the allocated time, as is the case, the residents continue to be deceived into paying for something they never agreed last year.

Paragraph 2, I have made no up-dates on the void property since 19 May 2014, because I believe it may be occupied. Why would I not believe you ? Because you all habitually lie about things – I take your point.

Paragraph 3, I refer you to the answer I gave in paragraph 1. In answer to the “allocated general scheme attendance times”, perhaps you, or the CEO, will explain Mr Clark why no maintenance visit was made to Timber Close by the Estate Team w/e 1 June 2014. Why increased litter and rubbish from children being off school still remains around the scheme ? Why “Bennetts Rubbish Dump” looks and smells as big a health hazard as it did the previous week when it also was not cleaned ? Why the residents paid Sanctuary in excess of £140.00 for nothing ? , and why I must report the matter to Cornwall Council, Stephen Gilbert MP and others.

Paragraph 4, I am well aware a scheme inspection was carried out on 13 May 2014 by an Officer who spent much of her time at No 2 Timber Close with, presumably, the Housing Officer. Although the Officer did briefly walked around the flats communal area she did not inspect “Bennetts Rubbish Dump”. Had she done so she probably would have thrown-up. The reason she observed no significant rubbish around the scheme that afternoon was because the Estates Team, all one of him, picked up any litter and rubbish soon after he arrived earlier at 12.20pm.

Given the articles covered in the Voice magazine for Spring 2014, the aforementioned ‘paragraphs’ are a disgraceful testament of how you Mr Clark and your corrupt boss CEO Bennett go about your business”, unquote.

Yours sincerely

Geoff McLaughlin


IPCC LAST EMAIL, 29/05/2014

IPCC LAST EMAIL, 29/05/2014


Blog entered 3 June 2014.

Email dated Thurs 29 May 201, and was the result of me seeking clarification about the IPCC’s decision to do little about the corrupt collective conduct of a Sargeant and 2 Officers based at St Austell Police Station, Cornwall, and another Sargeant, the Investigating Officer (I/O), who investigated them on behalf of the same Devon & Cornwall Constabulary. The Appeal took some 15 months to conclude and was a whitewash. The Sargeant and 2 Officers were each given “Management Action” and the IPCC disagreed with aspects of the I/O’s Investigation.


Dear Ms V******

Thanks for the fuller explanation.

Let’s be clear, what happened on the day I was arrested and detained demonstrates a catalogue of collective errors and wilfull misconduct by the Sargeant and 2 Officers, and a wilfull failure by the I/O not to properly investigate the evidence and to cover up what went on.

I am particularly annoyed that you did not re-investigate the complaint with regards to the evidence I submitted, and which remains un-investigated and un-resolved, but you did re-investigate the complaint in allowing the Officers an opportunity to defend themselves against the complaint.

Do you honestly believe the Sareant when he stated he was of the opinion I was “unemployed”, having spent weeks investigating Blogs on a website called “Geoff’s Cameras” which had photographic equipment for sale ? A website you yourself acknowledged was called “Geoff’s Cameras” and was a “business” website.

Do you honestly believe the I/O was telling the truth about the Complainant’s written complaint being dated 5 April 2012, when internal documents show I was under investigation weeks before then ?

I have already analized your correspondence of 9 May 2014 and completed a Summary which has been sent to a law firm specialising in complaints against the police. If they are not interested I will try others. If they are not interested I will try every law firm in the country. If that fails I will lobby every MP and Lord in Parliament.

The crux of the matter is 3 Officers collectively and wilfully did things they should not have done and an I/O attempted to wilfully cover it up.

Yours sincerely

G R McLaughlin