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Further down is a cut & pasted email I received on Wednesday 2nd November 2011 and concerns the departure of a TPAS Consultant from TPAS.


Although this ex-TPAS Consultant had me arrested in April 2012 for using the internet against her regarding a Mediation Scam she conducted on behalf of TPAS to protect TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing in 2010, neither the police officers who interviewed me or the Investigating Officer who investigated the interviewing officers had any wish to see or investigate this email. This because the only way Devon & Cornwall Constabulary could protect it’s officers from prosecution was to not properly investigate any evidence which may contradict the complainant or question the inappropriate favouritism shown by the police to the complainant and groups.


Today I heard from Devon & Cornwall Constabulary regarding my complaint against it and received what I had anticipated – a whitewash of an investigation into 3 of it’s own officers and that the officers should only receive “Management Action” for their misconduct etc..


Better tea making skills perhaps or a hundred lines of  “If you must arrest someone who the complainant alleges is mentally ill atleast investigate the allegation before you arrest him and lock him up”, duh.


When one of the officers stated in recorded interview that “I’m not hear to discuss the law or mediation”, unquote, little did I realise this culture of protecting criminal behaviour by professionals upon innocent members of the public is how Devon & Cornwall Constabulary chooses to conduct itself.


Members of the public – you have been warned.


I will be Appealing the decision of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary with the IPCC, and would ask any member of the public to please help  me with any further information/evidence regarding the ex TPAS Consultant/Mediator, named below, who was sacked/resigned in 2011.


As citizens of the UK we all know Corruption in our country is rife. The Police have now had 2 opportunities to investigate this matter and are quite happy to continue looking the other way. Please help me do something about this.


Update 22/06/2013 : I believe the favouratism shown to the ex TPAS Consultant/Mediator named below may also have had something to do with the fact her Company “Involvis” was doing some survey work regarding the justice sector leading up to the time I was arrested.




(email received on Wednesday 2nd November 2011)




dear Geoff,


Oonah Lacey is no longer at TPAS, i heard that she was fired and is now in litigation with them, something to do with allegations of fraud.
this may or may not have anything to do with your issue with her and so needs further investigation.

she is currently doing some work for tenants in london borough of Hounslow

the problem they have with her there is that once she got her foot in the door with TPAS on a big project, she successfully convinced other sides to hire her. problem with that is you can’t fairly represent tenants and the housing management and the council!
the tenant association she is working with is HFTRA, they completely supported by the housing management co – Hounslow Homes –
both HFTRA and Hounslow Homes operate in an unethical and non-transparent way.

the people paying the price are the poor old folks in the supported housing system who are struggling to get their voices heard – but they are struggling against the most powerful housing managment co, that has the main tenant residents association in their pocket,
the Council are only interested in ticking the boxes, so do not care to scratch too deep, they just want to meet their deadlines.

this might sound naive to you, but i don’t think all TPAS folk are bad, i know that many consultants in big companies are dodgy because they do try to sing to the tune of who ever is paying them – oonah did not last a year with tpas, she was out in july 2011

i hope this helps, feel free to use this information to investigate further.
please do keep my name and contact information confidential, i risk suffering from retaliation if i am identified.

good luck and keep it up!


XXXX (name supplied)

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