IPCC LAST EMAIL, 29/05/2014

IPCC LAST EMAIL, 29/05/2014


Blog entered 3 June 2014.

Email dated Thurs 29 May 201, and was the result of me seeking clarification about the IPCC’s decision to do little about the corrupt collective conduct of a Sargeant and 2 Officers based at St Austell Police Station, Cornwall, and another Sargeant, the Investigating Officer (I/O), who investigated them on behalf of the same Devon & Cornwall Constabulary. The Appeal took some 15 months to conclude and was a whitewash. The Sargeant and 2 Officers were each given “Management Action” and the IPCC disagreed with aspects of the I/O’s Investigation.


Dear Ms V******

Thanks for the fuller explanation.

Let’s be clear, what happened on the day I was arrested and detained demonstrates a catalogue of collective errors and wilfull misconduct by the Sargeant and 2 Officers, and a wilfull failure by the I/O not to properly investigate the evidence and to cover up what went on.

I am particularly annoyed that you did not re-investigate the complaint with regards to the evidence I submitted, and which remains un-investigated and un-resolved, but you did re-investigate the complaint in allowing the Officers an opportunity to defend themselves against the complaint.

Do you honestly believe the Sareant when he stated he was of the opinion I was “unemployed”, having spent weeks investigating Blogs on a website called “Geoff’s Cameras” which had photographic equipment for sale ? A website you yourself acknowledged was called “Geoff’s Cameras” and was a “business” website.

Do you honestly believe the I/O was telling the truth about the Complainant’s written complaint being dated 5 April 2012, when internal documents show I was under investigation weeks before then ?

I have already analized your correspondence of 9 May 2014 and completed a Summary which has been sent to a law firm specialising in complaints against the police. If they are not interested I will try others. If they are not interested I will try every law firm in the country. If that fails I will lobby every MP and Lord in Parliament.

The crux of the matter is 3 Officers collectively and wilfully did things they should not have done and an I/O attempted to wilfully cover it up.

Yours sincerely

G R McLaughlin


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