Blog entered 30 July 2014.


Who did the Corrupt Police Sargeant at St Austell Police Station phone before he gave me a caution only ?

A Fraudster, a Judge, an MBE Holder, other ?

The Fraudster could have been the complainant Oonah Lacey who had me arrested for internet harrassment for posting Blogs on my website about a TPAS Mediation Scam she conducted on behalf of TPAS to protect Sanctuary Housing.

Motive : To have the Blogs removed to protect herself, TPAS and Sanctuary Housing. Given her character she may even have been paid to lodge the complaint knowing she would be protected.

The Judge could have been Rosemary Crawley who was on the Sanctuary Group Board at the time and knew about the TPAS Mediation Scam along with Simon Clark, other Group Members and CEO David Bennett. Simon Clark confessed in writing in 2011 that I had never formally agreed to enter into Mediation. Since then Sanctuary Housing has only continued to punish the victim of that Scam, myself.

Motive : To protect the CEO, Board Members, herself, Sanctuary Housing staff, Oonah Lacey, TPAS, and Sanctuary’s housing partner Cornwall Council. All would have benefited from the removal of Blogs.

The MBE holder could have been Simon JR Mansell MBE, Principal Legal Officer Corporate Governance Legal Services, with Cornwall Council.

Motive : To protect the Council from damaging Blogs and further revelations about the Council’s unlawful practices and collusion with it’s housing partner Sanctuary Housing.

Others : Devon & Cornwall Constabulary ?, a Senior Police Officer ?, a Member of Parliament ? a Member from the House of Lords ?

As a result of my arrest and detention two Sargeants and two Police Officers from Devon & Cornwall Constabulary were each punished with ‘Management Action’, better tea making skills or similar, following investigation by D&CC and the IPCC.

That remarkably the Desk Sargeant and two officers did not collude with one another eventhough they were all part of the same investigation, and that the Investigating Officer, also a Sargeant, did not try to cover-up what went on despite ‘Manage Action’ for not covering everything in his Report.

Critical evidence available to the IPCC was never investigated including the most serious which was a statement by the I/O that the written complaint was dated 5 April 2012, when an internal document proves I was being officially investigated mid-March 2012, when one of the above Officer’s contacted Sanctuary Housing as part of their Investigation.

If there are any law firms/barristers out there who would like to help me take any of the above to the cleaners, they desperately need it, please get in touch. My details are below.

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