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Pictured is Sanctuary CEO David Bennett who would have known about the following :


The following is a copy of an email from Sanctuary Regional Director Richard Keeley to Simon Clark, now Managing Director – Sanctuary Housing Services, and Sarah Clarke-Kuehn, then Director, regarding my email Re: Re : Service Charge and related issues to Sanctuary’s Simon Clark, Rosemary Crawley and CEO David Bennett.

Re : Service Charge & Related Issues is an email with updates and reports which I have sent Simon Clark and Rosemary Crawley almost every week for the past 2 years. I have been assured CEO David Bennett receives a copy and I send his office a hard copy via Recorded Post now and then marked ‘Private & Confidential’.

Keeley’s email to Clark and Clarke-Kuehn was dated 30 July 2012, and was sent at 15:14 hours.

I quote :

“I’m not sure what Oonah’s statement to the Police was as I haven’t seen it. I’m not sure how he would have been able to see the statement either.

But my memory of this is that mediation took place at the Tengo cafe in St Austell at his request.

It is categorically untrue that I would have said this – to my knowledge he’s never been a physical threat. We agreed to hold mediation in the cafe because that was the only place he would agree to meet.

We originally wanted to meet him at the Council, but I think he said something along the lines of “I’ll meet with you only in Tengo cafe, and nowhere else” . We agreed, albeit reluctantly. He’s then constantly levelled the accusation at us that we held he meeting in an inappropriate place.


R. “, unquote.


“R” is for Richard as in Richard Keeley. Shortly before I was unlawfully arrested by Devon & Cornwall Police in 2012 and which was orchestrated by Cornwall Council to protect itself and Sanctuary Housing, Richard Keeley’s title went from “Regional Director” to “Head of Housing Operations (South West)” to protect all concerned. A turd by another name. The conclusion of the false arrest led to 4 Officers being reprimanded by the IPCC and which involved a white wash and a cover-up by both Devon & Cornwall Police and the IPCC.


Oonah Lacey’s written complaint to the Police concerned a “Director of Sanctuary” who instructed TPAS Mediator Oonah Lacey that I “must not be seen alone and was seen as dangerous and any meeting must be in a place of public”, unquote.

Simon Clark must have known the Police were denying me a copy of Lacey’s written complaint for Keeley to state that he didn’t know “either”. The truth is I didn’t see the statement but parts of it were read out to me and my solicitor by one of the two officers present at the “oppressive” Recorded Interview. A request was made for a copy of the tapes and a transcript was made.

The tapes also enabled me to prove Oonah Lacey willfuly lied to the Police a number of times in her written complaint but neither the I/O or the IPCC investigated this evidence.

The meeting did take place at the Tengo cafe in St Austell and I did choose the venue after Oonah Lacey asked me to find somewhere we could talk. I never requested we meet anywhere and there was never any suggestion the meeting would be anything other than a one to one informal chat about my problems with my landlord. Lacey’s written advice prior to the meeting was that she would ” meet with you and then meet with Sanctuary”, unquote, and later bring us together to resolve the issues.

In referring to the meeting as “Mediation”, as did Lacey and Parsons in the Report of the “Mediation Meeting”, Keeley is acknowledging the Charity did finance an unlawful process of Mediation in a cafe without the propietors consent or my consent to enter into binding “Mediation”.

The suggestion by Keeley that they, Sanctuary Housing and TPAS, wanted to meet me at the Council is a fabricated lie. “I’ll meet with you only in Tengo cafe, and nowhere else” , unquote, is also a fabricated lie with quotation marks.

Even Sanctuary Housing’s Christa Ripley, Head of Housing Operations – Midlands, who investigated the issues, stated in her letter of 21 March 2013 that she could find no evidence that any offer to meet at the Council had ever been put to me.

With regard to me levelling accusations at Sanctuary Housing that the cafe was an “inappropriate place”, the cafe was an inappropriate place to conduct “Mediation”. Moreso when one considers it involved the largest social housing provider in the country, and an Organisation which frequently advises Government.

With regard to Judge Rosemary Crawley I can only say that the Law should have taken precedence over Boardroom Protocol.


The following is part of an email conversation between Area Manager Janet Swales and her boss Regional Director Richard Keeley on 16 May 2011, in reply to his earlier request that day that she seek advice from the local Mental Health team regarding myself. Keeley’s email was also copied to Sanctuary’s Jane Pike and Ed Blackmore at 11:51 hours.

“Hi Richard, I’ve checked with the mental health team and he is not known to them. I’m not sure that we can go any further on the mental health angle”, unquote.

Keeley and Swales needed an “angle” to detract from the fact they had broken the law and were both untrustworthy.

So what has this to do with the charity Sanctuary Housing funding an unlawful Mediation process ?

Oonah Lacey also stated in her written complaint to the Police that I was “mentally disturbed” and had “mental health issues”.

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