Blog entered 31 August 2014.


There is an online Scam going around concerning the company who use the above logo and reference “Miracle Fat Burner …in a Bottle”

The Company is presently still to be found on Facebook and Twitter and I expect other sites as well.

They will offer you a “Risk Free Trial” Bottle of Garcinium for the cost of postage to get your account details. They will then take the postage cost from your account but later remove a greater amount using the same account details.

If you have ordered a trial Bottle and the postage has shown in your account instruct your Bank NOT to make any further payments to Garcinium, and report the matter.

The Company operates as Garcinium, POSTBUS 131 404DC KESTEREN, NETHERLANDS. Their email address is

I will update this Blog if more information becomes available from research or from the public.


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