Blog entered 14 September 2014.

                   DUMB AND DUMBER

Joint Trophy Winners for Sunday 14 September 2014 goes to Dumb and Dumber. Dumb being Sanctuary Housing’s Simon Clark, Managing Director, Sanctuary Housing Services, and Dumber being Sanctuary’s CEO David Bennett.

Readers may recall the 2009 rip-off when Sanctuary took weekly Service Charge payments but frauduently failed to deliver the Services. This went on for many months and involved Sanctuary in all sorts of criminal activity. This led to an official complaint which Sanctuary needed to bury so the Charity financed an external Mediation Scam by TPAS. This involved further criminal activity by Sanctuary CEO David Bennett, Directors and Group Board Members including Judge Rosemary Crawley.

Since 2009 Cornwall Council and Stephen Gilbert MP have been kept advised of the continuing fraud upon myself and the Timber Close residents/constituents. So much so that the residents now collectively pay Sanctuary in excess of £130.00 for 2 hours gardening per week, or £520.00 for approximately 8 hours work a month etc etc..

Cornwall Council has sought only to protect it’s corrupt housing partner while Stephen Gilbert MP has sought only to sit on a fence facing the wrong way. Although we have corresponded atleast 2 dozen times not one single email/letter has produced one single improvement and we are still being ripped-off.

The gardening tasks which should be done every week, Sanctuary’s part of the deal so to speak, is indicated in the ‘Grounds Maintenance Specification’ which we use to receive but which now has to be requested.

When the new 2014 – 2015 weekly Rent/Service Charge period began in July I requested the GMS in my weekly email to Clark and Crawley and have now asked every week for the past 3 months but still remain without a copy. I have been assured my weekly emails are forwarded to the Godfather, the Dumber one, who is ultimately responsible as head of this organised crime syndicate which presents itself as a respectable Charity, and who himself is rewarded in excess of £310.000 a year.

One of the most contentious issues in 2009 was branches growing up through rotary drier lines which is only possible if specified tasks in the GMS are willfuly neglected for a considerable period of time.

According to the 2013 – 2014 GMS shrubs should be pruned and trimmed monthly in accordance with standard horticultural practice.

The picture was taken yesterday, Saturday 13 September 2014, and shows branches growing up through the rotary drier lines despite the drier being fully extended. The branches currently extend a further 10 inches above these lines.

This despite the Sanctuary Estate Team gardner visiting every week, despite a recent visit by 2 Sanctuary Housing Officers (see Minute Blog dated 11 August 2014), despite Sanctuary maintenance replacing a nearby drier line the other week, and despite Dumb and Dumber being forwarned of this neglect in my weekly emails. That Sanctuary has continued to willfuly take money under false pretences.

This somewhat two green fingered horticultural fraud with a not so delicate aroma of manure alfresco deja vu is therefore awarded to Simon Clark and CEO David Bennett for their contributions to organised crime and for proving there will always be a place in a Tory Britain for men-ure like them.

Footnote : This is not the first time Clark has been awarded an Idiot Trophy for the neglect of this shrub bed and he last won it almost 17 months ago on 15 April 2013.

According to Clark “the bed you refer to is maintained by Sanctuary’s Estates Services team and is not the responsibility of the tenant. The works specification includes weeding, pruning and de-littering of shrub beds at regular intervals. We do not believe there is any cause for concern with the standard of works, however we will ensure this area is inspected when the housing officer next visits Timber Close”, unquote, dated 4th April 2013. CEO Bennett would have been privy to Clark’s statement.

The shrub bed Clark was referring to at that time had not in fact been touched for over a year, that he willfuly lied, despite Sanctuary taking weekly Service Charge payments to maintain the bed. The central shrub then grew and grew and grew into the giant green line devouring ‘Mother of a Shrub’ we have today. You are so full of manure Simon.


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