Blog entered 26 September 2014

Latest up-date from “Justice for Ernest John Coles” Facebook Timeline.

“Ok we have hired a lawyer who I trust will do Ernest proud. There are a few of us behind the scenes working with this and we will be setting up a trust fund account linked to pay pal for anyone who would like to help with the costs involved. It will be completely transparent and figures available for scrutiny by those in Ernest’s Army. A donate button has been added today but it is not set up yet.
It will be up and running by next week…..THANK YOU on behalf of Mr.Coles for your support with his mission for the elderly…. this man will go down in History as a Legend and a Warrior”, unquote.


Up-Date : Evening of 26 September 2014, on Facebook.

“spent the day with Ernest today and showed him the draft for christmas cards …a tear came to his eye and then he smiled, also spent time with a friend he has known for 30 years and talked about the accusations made about him by the care home….got some on film and will post soon…..”, unquote.


Up-Date : 27 September 2014. There is a Petition at = http://ipt.io/hbea via @ipetitions. The intro needs up-dating but the Petition is live.



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