Blog entered 09 December 2014.

  Seasonal Message To Sanctuary Housing.

Almost a year ago the winter storms ripped through our estate at Timber Close, St Austell, and demolished some of the grey and worn out wooden fencing. Fencing which had stood since new in the mid 1990s and had not since been treated or maintained to any great degree.


Sanctuary was notified of the damage and has since been notified most weeks but the problem remains to be resolved. The only reason offered by Sanctuary as to why it has not repaired or replaced the damaged fencing is because it is not a Health and Safety issue and is therefore not a priority. That presumably it can only become a Health and Safety issue and a priority after someone, a child perhaps, is injured by the damaged fencing.


I have been told the cost to replace all the fencing, because it all needs replacing after some 20 years of zero maintenance, is approximately £10,000.


Sanctuary’s CEO David Bennett is aware of the issue and has himself been rewarded in excess of £310,000 over the same period of time for abdicating his responsibilities to tenants who pay a weekly Service Charge covering grounds maintenance for in excess of £130.00 for only 2 hours work a week, or in excess of £500 a month for only 8 hours maintenance. A weekly Service Charge which has remained fraudulent since 2009, thanks largely to a corrupt Cornwall Council, and Stephen Gilbert MP sitting on the fence.


My seasonal message to you Mr Bennett, and the rest of the greedy bastards which make up Sanctuary Housing, the most grotesquely corrupt and uncaring housing Charity in the country, is that Parliament, the mother of all sewage plants, will no doubt continue to promote and protect corporate greed and on-going criminality by greedy bastards like you.

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