Blog entered 01 March 2015.

One reason why David Bennett, CEO of Sanctuary Housing, should not have been awarded a CBE.


On 16th June 2014, Bennett, along with Managing Director Simon ‘Bully Boy’ Clark, ex Group Board member ‘Blind’ Judge Rosemary Crawley, and Stephen ‘Sitting on the fence’ Gilbert MP, received an email warning them that someone would die at Timber Close if they did not do something about the covert toxic waste dump unlawfully created by Cornwall Council and Sanctuary Housing.


This email, with updates, continued to be sent to the above every week thereafter.


On 2nd November 2014, the body of a 30 year old woman was removed from Timber Close in a body bag and in a black ambulance. Within days the ‘detoxification’ of Timber Close by Sanctuary Housing had begun.


I believe had Bennett not continued to abdicate his responsibility in June 2014, the young woman would probably still be alive today.


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