Blog entered 14 May 2015

                      LET THEM EAT CAKE

Hi, I’m David Bennett, CEO of the Charity Sanctuary Housing. I was awarded a CBE in 2014 for my contribution to housing. Pictured below is one of our Cornwall Homechoice properties which has now been kept empty for nearly 6 months with the blessing of our somewhat equally corrupt housing partner Cornwall Council.


I appreciate Homechoice properties are scarce in Cornwall but WTF. Increased rents or public handouts will make up for any losses of income on this and other properties we choose to keep empty. This may sound somewhat arrogant but the truth is Sanctuary Housing is not accountable to any body and is therefore above the law. I would go further in admitting the law not only works for us but protects us when we break the law.

If there is one thing I have learnt in all my years in housing to justify my CBE it is this – You do not acquire 100,000 properties by wasting money on repairs, good service or happy tenants. Let’s be honest, what choice do they have.

(The above is a work of fiction though some of the facts are true)

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