Blog posted 01 October 2015


In response to the people of Cornwall no longer being protected against wrong doing by organisations like the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Cornwall Council, Devon & Cornwall Police and others, or if you work for any of the aforementioned organisations and others and would like to share what you know in the public interest and protect your identity, please contact me on writing via Geoff McLaughlin, 34 Timber Close, St Austell, Cornwall. PL25 5NZ. You do not need to state your name or personal details.

Sadly we in Cornwall are not being protected as we should and the media no longer reports what we, the public, should know. We therefore need to protect each other in order to correct this imbalance and for the greater good.

If you are an employee and you know your employer is doing things that is wrong and is not in the public interest you have a greater duty to your family, your friends and the people of Cornwall.

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