Blog posted 21 October 2015

                             ASDA – TURNING DAYS INTO WEEKS

I had a home delivery just over a month ago and noticed the agreed amount of £32.48 had been taken out of my account on 21 September 2015. I then noticed a further 40p had been taken out of my account the following day.

I queried this unauthorized withdrawal from my account with ASDA on Twitter and although there was supposed to have been an email link on the grocery site according to their advice there wasn’t so I had to request an email link. The following link was provided by ASDA on Twitter on 28 September.…

On it I stated the following complaint and sent it to the ASDA customer Services Team :

According to my bank statement Asda removed 0.40 from my bank account on 22 September 2015 without my authorization. This following a home delivery on 19 September 2015. Order No : 56729628. Customer ID : ????????. I would appreciate an explanation. (ID was included)

In reply I received an email on 29 September from the ASDA Customer Service Team instructing me I would receive a reply within the next 4 working days.

It is now 21 October and I still have not yet received an explanation from the ASDA Customer Service Team in reply it’s promise to respond within 4 working days and I have received no help from ASDA on Twitter @AsdaServiceTeam despite repeated requests most days. More often the same ASDA Twitter representatives only ask me to repeat what they have already been told like it is a game or a laugh or something.

I was even told by them a colleague had left me a voicemail on 15 October but this turned out not to be the case.

So nearly a month has passed and I am still no wiser why ASDA took 40p more than I agreed to pay on 18 September 2015.

This is not about the 40p as I always tip the driver £1 anyway, this is about a company taking money out of my bank account without my authorization. A company which not only has failed to provide me with an explanation within 4 working days but has failed to provide me with an explanation within 4 weeks, and has wilfully wasted a lot of my time.

I will send a copy of this blog to the CEO of ASDA and I will request an explanation within 4 working days. A lot more than ASDA deserves given the above charade.

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