Blog posted 22 April 2016



Latest SCAM by Sanctuary Housing for schemes which have a Grounds Maintenance Specification (GMS) and an agreed day and period of time a visit will last. In our case the gardener should visit on Friday afternoons for a period of 2 hours to which Sanctuary is paid in excess of £100 per week. The SCAM being that the gardener will start turning up on different days of the week, in the morning or the afternoon and will attend for a lot less time than the agreed 2 hours and will not do all the tasks which should be done in-accordance with the GMS. The result being Sanctuary will unlawfully profiteer from weekly Services it should provide and tenants will be robbed. This is particularly true when no visit is made at all. Sanctuary MD Simon ‘Baby Face’ Clark, one of CEO Bennett’s henchman, pictured, is aware of the situation but is unlikely to do anything about it.

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