Sanctuary Housing, time to call in Special Branch


Blog posted 03 July 2016

                    Sanctuary Housing, time to call in Special Branch

Some might remember a blog the other week where this branch was seen growing up through a rotary drier line. Well despite the blog and a visit days later by a Sanctuary gardener the branch remains to interfere with the drier lines and the tenants remain to be conned and cheated.

In accordance with the Grounds Maintenance Specification, Sanctuary’s commitment to carry out certain tasks for the weekly Service Charge it receives, foliage such as this should be cut and trimmed once a month. According to my records this is not the case as it was last carried out in May 2016.

I have now decided to give the branch a name because it reminds me of a stick insect, an ageing brilliantined stick insect called Dave, because it is not only living proof of fraud but is living proof of a CEO who should have been cut down to size some time ago and sacked for his abdication of responsibility to his tenants and his criminality.

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