This Week’s S.H.I.T. Award.


Blog posted 26 September 2016

                                            This Week’s S.H.I.T. Award

The S.H.I.T. Awards began some years ago on my personal website and the term stands for the Sanctuary Housing Idiot Trophy.

Unfortunately Sanctuary’s idiots are still at it so I have reintroduced the Award.

The picture shows one of the hazard’s left on our estate in Timber Close, St Austell, Cornwall, a number of week’s ago because Cornwall Council’s dustmen rightly refused to take it. It is a Health & Safety Issue because it obstructs a pathway.

Last Friday 23 September no less than 3 Sanctuary Grounds Maintenance Team Members visited the estate each in their own Sanctuary vehicle. One had an opened backed van for removing items for disposal. Despite a number of discarded items being previously reported in writing, including the above, and despite 1 of the men taking photos of it the other week and picking up litter from around it during their visit on Friday 23, this item and everything else reported weeks ago still remains on site as I write.

According to Sanctuary’s Grounds Maintenance Specification these discarded and hazardous items should have been removed weeks ago because Sanctuary is paid a weekly Service Charge to maintain the grounds every week. I am again reminded of the “F” word, no not that one but “Fraud”.

If you have your own Sanctuary recipient why not give him/her an Award.


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