Sanctuary Housing – Fly Tipping


Blog posted 25 November 2016

                        SANCTUARY HOUSING – FLY TIPPING

Noticed the above flyer, no pun intended, on Face Book yesterday and was reminded that in Cornwall Sanctuary Housing do things differently.

Rather than promote the above propaganda Sanctuary actually prefers not to prevent or stop fly-tipping in Cornwall despite my pleas to both Sanctuary and its housing partner Cornwall Council.

Instead Sanctuary seeks to profit from fly-tipping whenever possible at the tenants/Council tax payers expense.

Example : Last year 2 items were dumped on our estate which Sanctuary eventually removed after I reported it in writing. Sanctuary charged the tenants/Council tax payers £95.00 for the removal of both items. See 4th insertion down on the following chart provided to me by Sanctuary.


As if £95.00 is not bad enough Sanctuary actually knew who fly-tipped the stated “armchair from outside no 33” because it belonged to the tenant at no 33. Had Sanctuary told the tenant to have it removed by the Council it would have cost the tenant less than £25.00 rather than the £47.50 the tenants/Council tax payers had to pay in order for Sanctuary to profiteer from fly-tipping.

Unfortunately, Cornwall Council knows all about the above and about Sanctuary’s fraudulent and criminal methods in Cornwall but chooses to protect Sanctuary no matter what. I recall once saying that the Council and Sanctuary are so far up each other it would take a week in surgery to separate them. Sadly, nothing has changed.

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