Sanctuary Housing and Cornwall Council’s Dirty Little Secrets. (3)


Blog posted 23 October 2017, Week (3)

For a number of years now I have sent Sanctuary Housing Group Board Members an updated weekly email of my concerns, and in the public interest, and have over that time been threatened numerous times with legal action and on one occasion I was even arrested by Devon & Cornwall Police to protect criminality by Sanctuary Housing and it’s Cornish housing partner Cornwall Council.

Four bent police officers were subsequently reprimanded only by the IPCC.

The following is a new venture for me and which will be updated every week with the email entry sent to Group Board Members CEO David Bennett CBE, Group Director Simon Clark, and secretaries.

I quote:

“23 October 2017, I today report the usual grounds maintenance member visited Timber Close on Friday 20 a little before 4:00pm. Only litter was removed and the bin store was cleaned and tidied. Unfortunately the bone I photographed and referred to last week and was displayed on social media remains on the floor in what I believe is an act of provocation. I don’t think Devon & Cornwall Police of Cornwall Council would appreciate what those at Head Office who receive this weekly email and is addressed to them are engaging in. The dumped mattress and other items have been removed. The rotary drier line nearest flats 33 and 34 is still in need of repair since first being reported in August 2016, and every week thereafter. So much so that it is now a blog and is posted on social media regularly. It is now some 15 months since it was first reported as being in disrepair and not fit for purpose despite Sanctuary taking a weekly Service Charge which includes the maintenance of rotary dryers. Although there are 6 rotary dryers 5 remain unfit for purpose. I still wish to know the cost of removing the dumped items between 01 to 03 March 2017. The removed gate post reported months ago on the Grove Road side still remains to be replaced or repaired. With no gate children and dogs have been seen within the flats communal area.

23 October 2017, I today also repeat again that a woman from Sanctuary visited the Timber Close flats communal area on the morning of Friday 06 October and whilst the gardener was going about his business. Like the blonde woman from Sanctuary who visited on 13 March 2017, both made notes and both inspected the black hole of Cornwall bin store during their pointless visits. Photographs were taken by me for future reference. So just how many times has the bin store black hole been “cleaned” since 13 March to date ?, only 3 times in over 30 visits. The weekly charge for each visit to the scheme is approximately £100 so collectively the total to paying tenants and tax payers is approximately £3,000+.  According to Sanctuary boss Richard Keeley and his corrupt management at Exeter, the bin store is cleaned “every week” as is also required by the Grounds Maintenance Specification (GMS).The only reason Cornwall Council cannot prosecute Sanctuary Housing for continually defrauding paying tenants and tax payers is because of a history of collusion. Specifically, Sanctuary unlawfully ring- fencing Cornwall Homechoice properties for the Council’s “certain types” and deceiving Homechoice bidders. It is perhaps hardly surprising no Cornish MP or Councillor has ever accepted my invitation to visit the Timber Close communal rip-off area. The most recent decline being from Gover Ward Councillor Sandra Heyward, who only lives up the road.” unquote.

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