Service Charge Fraud by #SanctuaryHousing & @CornwallCouncil.



Blog posted 16 April 2018.

The following is part of this week’s weekly email update to Sanctuary Housing. Namely to Group Director Simon Clark, Group CEO David Bennett CBE, personal secretaries Claire Griffiths, Vanessa Bennion and Heidi Hodgkin.

Sanctuary Housing is a corrupt housing partner of the equally corrupt Cornwall Council and it’s willfuly blind selfserving Councillors.

      Service Charge Fraud by Sanctuary Housing & @CornwallCouncil.

“16 April 2018, I today report no visit was made to Timber Close on Friday 13. No litter was picked up and removed including litter and household waste left on site from the previous week near to where children play. According to the Grounds Maintenance Specification (GMS) the landlord is required to remove all litter and waste from site every week and today’s report serves to prove yet again that the landlord is knowingly continuing to engage in Service Charge Fraud. The bin store was again not cleaned to deter vermin or prevent tenants stepping in ground in foodstuffs left on the floor and which should have been removed and cleaned. This despite a dead rat having to be removed from the bin store earlier this year by Cornwall Council I believe. I acknowledge in excess of £100 weekly Service Charge is defrauded from tenants and Council tax payers every time a visit, usually lasting less than an hour, is missed and weekly (GMS) tasks are neglected.” unquote.



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