eBay Fraudulent Payment.


Posted 02 July 2019


Re: Fraudulent Payment


Dear Sir/Madam

Transaction ID: 7VT22600F42993259

Yesterday 1st July 2019, you fraudulently took a payment of £8.34 from me and paid it to eBay UK Limited. This was done by removing £5.06 from my PayPal Account and £3.28 from my Lloyds Bank Account without my authorization or approval.

According to eBay, the payment was “pre-approved” for “eBay Seller Fees” from “10 July 2016” and that the “Status” of the account was kept “Active” despite the eBay Shop in question being closed and ceasing to be “Active” some 3 years ago.

I recall a disputed amount but I did not realise the account “Status” was kept “Active” in order for eBay to defraud me at a later date, 3 years later in fact, and take the sum from more recent sources without my consent or approval because there was no money in the closed account and which I consider a matter of sharp practice and fraud.

Because the money was not eBay’s to take I expect eBay to return the sum to my PayPal account immediately or provide me with a detailed explanation in order for me to seek advice.

Yours faithfully


G R McLaughlin


Follow-up: Although the email address of: support@ebay.uk was provided as a link the above email was returned to me some 45 minutes later as being “refused by recipient’s server filtering program”, as being “a Bad email address.”

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