Current & Former Head of Income Services, Sanctuary Housing, and others attempt to defraud a tenant.


Pictured is Daren Nowlan who was the Head of Income Services, Banbury, when he engaged in harassment and threatening behaviour and before he was promoted to the Operations Director – Housing.

Posted 16 September 2019

For a number of years now I have sent some Members of the Sanctuary Housing Group Board and their secretaries an up-dated email every Monday morning. The following is part of these week’s entry and concerns an ongoing scam by Sanctuary Housing to defraud me out of money it is not entitled to demand or harass me over since 2015.


“16 September 2019. I today repeat that as we approach the beginning of the 2019 – 2020 Rent and Service Charge period please let me know how much more, if any, you will require from me on a monthly basis so as to avoid arrears.

16 September 2019, In connection with the latter, I received a phone call on Wednesday 11th September 2019 from an officer at Banbury who advised me I was in arrears. That which I tried to avoid months earlier. I agreed to settle the minor arrears and 2 months in advance which I paid that day, just over £20. The officer then asked me if I wanted extended time to pay because she had quickly introduced the same scam Daren Nowlan and Rob Watkins had tried on me previously in attempting to defraud me out of in excess of £250 which they all claimed was for 4 weeks Rent in advance which I do not owe. The demands by Nolan in 2015/16, and Watkins in 2017, involved multiple emails and threats of Legal Proceedings and repossession of my home.

On 12 September I received a letter from Rob Watkins using ambiguous language to say my account was in arrears but not stating why or by how much. Because I had copied my email of 11 September to Sanctuary’s CIT Income Team they also sent me an email on 12 September 2019 to acknowledge the previous day’s arrears and advance payment had been paid and that “as per your tenancy agreement you are only required to be one week in advance at receipt of your Housing Benefit payment, and you should not be asked to bring your account into advance by 4 weeks.”

This being proof that Daren Nowlan and Rob Watkins, as former and the current Head of Income Services, and the woman officer from the same office have all engaged in attempting to defraud me out of in excess of £250. I also do not owe a week in advance because this was paid in 1995 when the Tenancy began, so the other officers from Banbury who demanded a week’s rent in advance last year have also attempted to defraud me out of 1 week’s rent in advance. I will now consider what to do about this issue because it involves criminal behaviour by my landlord and because I believe it will most likely happen again.

16 September 2019, I today repeat that the dumped washing machine in the bin store has disappeared. Please advise me if Sanctuary removed it and when. I am trying to establish if Sanctuary is still treating items like the washing machine as being fly-tipped because he can charge up to £45 from the Cornish tax payer for removing it. Cheating Cornish tax payers because the landlord made no attempt to identify who owned it or had dumped it in the bin store. If the person responsible was advised to contact the Council to have it removed it would cost half the amount and the tax payer would not be involved or cheated.”

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