Posted 17/01/14


Pictured : David J. Bennett FCA, CCMI, Sanctuary Chief Executive Group Managing Director, Member of Executive Committee and Member of Capital Committee, Sanctuary Housing Association.


Salary : £310.000 GBP As of Fiscal Year 2013.


The following is in reply to Simon Clark’s threat this week to take legal action against me for Libel if I continue to make comments about Sanctuary’s CEO David Bennett.




                                              The Thing’s They Say


“I need chapter and verse on this please asap as I’d like to speak to DJB by the end of the week”, unquote.

This was a brief email dated 31 August 2011 from Simon Barnett Clark, Group Director – Housing and Communities Sanctuary Group, to Claire Griffiths, Senior PA to Simon B. Clark, and Richard Keeley, Regional Director, Sanctuary Housing in Exeter.


“This” being in reference to an email I had sent Rosemary Crawley, JP, SRN, SCM, M.Soc.Sci.., then Sanctuary Group Board Member, concerning a TPAS Mediation Scam in 2010 to protect Sanctuary Housing’s criminality in 2009.


“DJB” refers to David J. Bennett, CEO of Sanctuary Housing.


In his “chapter and verse” reply to Clark of 02 September 2011 Richard Keeley was very economical with the truth which served only to protect himself and his corrupt staff at Exeter. In turn Clark protected his line manager Keeley and his corrupt staff and told DJB either the truth or the bullshit he had been fed.


A few months later Simon Clark confessed in writing I had never agreed to enter into Mediation and must have updated DJB of this damaging revelation. To make amends for me being the victim of an unlawful process of Mediation, Clark suggested I either move away from the Mediation Scam or he would close my official 800+ day old complaint. In December 2011 Clark closed my official complaint unresolved and against my wishes for and on behalf of Sanctuary and presumably with DJB’s approval.


Although questions still remain unanswered and unresolved about the TPAS Mediation Scam in 2010 to protect Sanctuary Housing, neither Clark, Rosemary Crawley, or DJB have shown any sense of fairness or justice in wanting to investigate the matter once and for all.


Since 2011 Sanctuary Housing has been offered more than enough evidence to investigate the TPAS Mediation process it financed, investigate Keeley’s questionable version of events and investigate Clark’s reasons for wanting to bury the truth.


Throughout that time to the present day Sanctuary’s CEO DJB has been kept fully informed of events in writing and has abdicated his responsibility and his Duty of Care to me in being wilfully blind not to resolve the matter or recognise I am a victim in all this. Precisely why I believe the CEO should be removed or resign his position along with the corrupt Directors, Managers and Officers who have all been rewarded and promoted for being dishonest and corrupt.


Footnote : The above email quotation was the result of a Data Protection Act – Subject Access Request to Sanctuary Housing. The amount of papers delivered to me stands approximately 2 feet tall and I anticipate further internal revelations. All this for £10.00, what a bargain.


In terms of corporate greed, obsessive property acquisitons, grossly underfunding repairs and unlawful profiteering from service charges DJB is probably worth the £310.000 he is payed if that is how success is measured. This of course has nothing to do with him being a decent human being and worthy of our respect in the real world.

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