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                               TIMBER CLOSE PARK, ST AUSTELL, CORNWALL.

The Timber Close Park was officially opened on Saturday 22 February 2014, despite winter storm damage to fences around the estate which remain a hazard and an eyesore to this day.

The Park was funded by Sanctuary Housing’s Regional Community Investment Fund in partnership with Cornwall Council and supported by Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change (CN4C).

Michael Howarth, Sanctuary Housing’s Neighbourhood Communications Officer in the South West, commented “The investment in Timber Close has been a long-term one and everyone here at Sanctuary is thrilled with the results. Children can now play together whilst being safe and not causing disruption to other members of the community”.

                                    REALITY CHECK

Cornwall Council has since confirmed the weekly cost to maintain the Park is solely down to Sanctuary Housing.

Sanctuary Housing has since confirmed “the family properties in Timber Close did participate in a consultation process with regard to the play area and the possible impact on their service charge of its provision. Residents of flats were not involved in this consultation as they are not family properties, do not benefit from the addition of the play area, nor are they required to pay a service charge towards it’s maintenance”, unquote, Helen Harding, Sanctuary Operations Manager – South West.

Since the opening in March 2014 the weekly up-keep and maintenance of the Park has been carried out by the same Sanctuary gardener who visits every Tuesday for 2 hours. More misleadingly put by Helen Harding when she stated “The Estates Team attend weekly for 2 hours every Tuesday”, unquote. The “Team” being somewhat more singular in reality.

The problem with this is myself and the flat residents are contributing towards the weekly cost of the maintainance of the Park within the specified 2 hours. That this additional responsibility was not indicated in June 2013 when the present weekly Service Charge period was introduced and began in July 2013. Nor were the flat residents consulted since July 2013 which Ms Harding has already confirmed.

Sanctuary already frauduently profiteers from the Timber Close residents via the weekly Service Charge and the prospect of a reduction is reduced when additional responsibilities are added and there are more young visitors to the estate. We currently pay in excess of £140.00 for the gardner to visit for 2 hours every Tuesday, or in excess of £560.00 for 8 hours work a month, or in excess of £6,720.00 for less than 100 hours work over 12 months. There are a few other built in costs but these can be off-set by the weeks the gardner has not visited but Sanctuary has still been paid.

The reason I cannot be precise with these figures is because Simon Clark, Managing Director, Sanctuary Housing Services, for and on behalf of Sanctuary CEO David Bennett, has refused to let me know how much the weekly Service Charges are for the 29 family properties in Timber Close and the 7 Sanctuary properties in Gover Road. Information which was freely available to all residents up until a few years ago. That Sanctuary has become less transparent.

Although I have asked a few residents in the family properties to let me know in confidence none has yet done so.

Stephen Gilbert MP and Cornwall Council have been aware of my allegations for a number of years but the fraud and profiteering has continued uninterrupted. Fraud because the ‘Grounds Maintenance Specification’, something else which use to be provided to every resident, indicates when certain tasks should be done but which are usually ignored because the time required would exceed the amount of time available.

Some readers may remember Michael Howarth, Sanctuary Housing’s Neighbourhood Communications Officer in the South West, as the “Slimy Serpent” in “The Medevil History of Castle Sanctuary”. This for Michael’s role in assisting the “Wicked Witch”, namely the then Sanctuary Area Manager Janet Swales, to unlawfully con, deceive and steal from the “Pixies”, the flat residents, with the “Deed of Deception”, a questionnaire in 2009.

This resulted in Cornwall Council being ripped off of in excess of £3,000.00 by it’s housing partner Sanctuary in 2009. Myself being scammed by an unlawful Mediation process by TPAS for Sanctuary in 2010. Harassment to myself by Cornwall Council and Sanctuary in 2011. My arrest and detention by the police in 2012, following a complaint by the ex-TPAS mediator who was earlier sacked by TPAS for alleged fraud. The complaint being against my Website Blogs which then led to an official complaint against 3 Police Officers in 2013, which has still yet to be investigated by the IPCC. Legal proceedings against me in 2013 by Wragge & Co for Sanctuary for full repossession of my home for witholding Rent and Service Charge payments of in excess of £2,000.00. This because part of the sum owed was the result of fraud by Sanctuary and belonged to me. Sanctuary is still considered by most to be above the law.

In closing I return to the blown down fences which were evident when the Park was opened. According to Michael Howarth “Children can now play together whilst being safe and not causing disruption to other members of the community”, unquote. Although I have observed children playing on the fallen fences and debrie the issue is not a Health & Safety one according to Sanctuary’s Helen Harding. That in someway it can only become an Health & Safety issue when a child is hurt or injured by these hazards. A very negligent attitude and not very comforting to parents I am sure.

It really is not good enough when one considers Sanctuary’s corrupt CEO is paid £310,000.00 a year, Sanctuary has a multi million pound turnover, Sanctuary is the largest social housing provider in the country with in excess of 92,000 properties and Sanctuary is a CHARITY.






Posted 17/01/14


Pictured : David J. Bennett FCA, CCMI, Sanctuary Chief Executive Group Managing Director, Member of Executive Committee and Member of Capital Committee, Sanctuary Housing Association.


Salary : £310.000 GBP As of Fiscal Year 2013.


The following is in reply to Simon Clark’s threat this week to take legal action against me for Libel if I continue to make comments about Sanctuary’s CEO David Bennett.




                                              The Thing’s They Say


“I need chapter and verse on this please asap as I’d like to speak to DJB by the end of the week”, unquote.

This was a brief email dated 31 August 2011 from Simon Barnett Clark, Group Director – Housing and Communities Sanctuary Group, to Claire Griffiths, Senior PA to Simon B. Clark, and Richard Keeley, Regional Director, Sanctuary Housing in Exeter.


“This” being in reference to an email I had sent Rosemary Crawley, JP, SRN, SCM, M.Soc.Sci.., then Sanctuary Group Board Member, concerning a TPAS Mediation Scam in 2010 to protect Sanctuary Housing’s criminality in 2009.


“DJB” refers to David J. Bennett, CEO of Sanctuary Housing.


In his “chapter and verse” reply to Clark of 02 September 2011 Richard Keeley was very economical with the truth which served only to protect himself and his corrupt staff at Exeter. In turn Clark protected his line manager Keeley and his corrupt staff and told DJB either the truth or the bullshit he had been fed.


A few months later Simon Clark confessed in writing I had never agreed to enter into Mediation and must have updated DJB of this damaging revelation. To make amends for me being the victim of an unlawful process of Mediation, Clark suggested I either move away from the Mediation Scam or he would close my official 800+ day old complaint. In December 2011 Clark closed my official complaint unresolved and against my wishes for and on behalf of Sanctuary and presumably with DJB’s approval.


Although questions still remain unanswered and unresolved about the TPAS Mediation Scam in 2010 to protect Sanctuary Housing, neither Clark, Rosemary Crawley, or DJB have shown any sense of fairness or justice in wanting to investigate the matter once and for all.


Since 2011 Sanctuary Housing has been offered more than enough evidence to investigate the TPAS Mediation process it financed, investigate Keeley’s questionable version of events and investigate Clark’s reasons for wanting to bury the truth.


Throughout that time to the present day Sanctuary’s CEO DJB has been kept fully informed of events in writing and has abdicated his responsibility and his Duty of Care to me in being wilfully blind not to resolve the matter or recognise I am a victim in all this. Precisely why I believe the CEO should be removed or resign his position along with the corrupt Directors, Managers and Officers who have all been rewarded and promoted for being dishonest and corrupt.


Footnote : The above email quotation was the result of a Data Protection Act – Subject Access Request to Sanctuary Housing. The amount of papers delivered to me stands approximately 2 feet tall and I anticipate further internal revelations. All this for £10.00, what a bargain.


In terms of corporate greed, obsessive property acquisitons, grossly underfunding repairs and unlawful profiteering from service charges DJB is probably worth the £310.000 he is payed if that is how success is measured. This of course has nothing to do with him being a decent human being and worthy of our respect in the real world.