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Sanctuary Housing Association


This is a brief summary of the letter which follows. It concerns a Mediation scam by the Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS) to protect TPAS ‘Accredited’ landlord Sanctuary Housing Association from numerous failings, some unlawful, since 2009.

Having blackmailed me into Mediation, Richard Keeley, Regional Director of Sanctuary Shaftesbury, a subsidary of Sanctuary Housing, financed the Mediation scam with the intention of burying my complaints without discussion with underhanded help from a TPAS Mediator. The scam got rumbled and neither Mr Keeley or TPAS will discuss what went on. Mr Keeley protected himself by introducing a complainant policy for 6 months to avoid questions and scrutiny and now threatens to invoke another for a further 6 months.

Michelle Reid, Chief Executive Officer of TPAS, has since lied in writing.

I rejected a Report following that failed Mediation scam because I never agreed to enter into Mediation, it was therefore null and void, and I rejected a financial enducement so as not to legitamize that scam.

Almost a year after that scam Simon Clark, Sanctuary Housing Group Director – Housing & Communities, confirmed in writing that I had never agreed to enter into mediation and that what happened was a ‘genuine misunderstanding’. Mr Clark has since failed to explain why Sanctuary Housing found no misunderstandings a year ago, when given the opportunity, or why it stands by the findings of that flawed process to this day. A flawed mediation process which only represented one side.

In the wake of the failed Mediation scam and ‘The Medevil History of Castle Sanctuary’ I have since been subjected to harassment by Sanctuary Shaftesbury because it failed to stop a new tenant subjecting me to noise nuisance for 40 days. The harassment only ended when the Local Authority advised Sanctuary Shaftesbury in writing to put an end to it.

The following is my reply to Mr Keeley’s letter of 9th August 2011, which includes paraphrasing of his letter. Please feel free to print it out and read it at your leisure. The List at the end of the letter lists the people / organisations who have already been sent and given the opportunity to read the letter should they wish to.

 Please read “MPs Letter” for updates


19th August 2011


Dear Mr Keeley

Thank you for your letter of 9th August 2011.

On 23rd December 2010 you wrote to me to say you had applied for a ‘serial and vexatious complainant policy’ against me. You stated this was because you had exhausted your efforts to resolve issues I had raised with you, and now considered the matter closed. You advised me you would not enter into further correspondence, and that you would review the position in June 2011. You then advised me on 9th August 2011 that you have carried your review and have included my current complaint at Stage 1 of your complaints procedure in this review.

You then advised me the outcome of your review was with a mind to extend the application of your serial & vexatious policy on me for a further 6 months, until 5th February 2012. This was because it was your belief my complaints about you continue to appear to be vexatious in nature. You then offered me the opportunity to discuss this further with you in a face-to-face meeting at my home to see if there was any possibility for you not being forced to invoke this sanction.

In reply to the first two paragraphs of your letter dated 9th August 2011, which I have paraphrased, I would like to make the following comments before continuing with your letter.

The reason you introduced a ‘serial and vexatious complainant policy’ against me on 23rd December 2010 was because the failed Mediation scam by TPAS officially ended the day before on 22nd December 2010. A Mediation scam which I rejected in October 2010, and declined a financial inducement for in December 2010 so as not to legitamize that scam.

The following will deal with the events leading up to that failed Mediation scam :

Having blackmailed me into accepting Mediation or remain at Stage 2 of the complaints procedure indefinitely you promised me, in writing, certain issues would only be discussed if Mediation took place. Issues relating to procedural failures, theft from tenants and the Local Authority, avoidable ASB, and negligence and deception involving Janet Swales, Area Manager, and Michael Howarth, Community Developement Officer, and others.

You offered to finance Mediation and you recommended TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service) and I began corresponding with it’s mediator (who cannot be named for legal reasons). (The TPAS Mediator) eventually expressed (the) intention to visit me in Cornwall for a one-to-one meeting and asked me to arrange a venue and confirm a date. The venue I chose was the Tengo Tea Room in St Austell for 25th October at 2.00pm, and I looked forward to meeting (the TPAS Mediator) and finding out about Mediation, the process, and my rights etc..

My understanding that a mediator was an independent and impartial professional was quickly dashed when within a short time of the meeting beginning ( the TPAS Mediator) introduced a Diane Parsons who was a representative for Sanctuary Housing. By this time I was totally bewildered as to what was going on. I remember thinking why had (the TPAS Mediator) not phoned me or emailed me an hour before, a day before, a week before to let me know she had changed our arrangement. I kept wondering what kind of impartial mediator would knowingly keep one party in the dark while clearly assisting the other.

Within twenty four hours of that meeting ending I complained to (the TPAS Mediator) by email and condemned (the) underhanded, biased and unprofessional behaviour. A few weeks later I received a ‘Report of Mediation’ and an email from (the TPAS Mediator) stating “there can be no further claim relating to the issues investigated and reported on”. In effect the issues had been buried and I could not resurrect them. One of those important details (the TPAS Mediator) neglected to tell me about in haste to get my funeral under way so to speak. The issues you (Mr Keeley) promised would be discussed in Mediation were not because your representative Diane Parsons knew little about them.

The problem with the above is that I never formally agreed to enter into Mediation. Why would I ?, I knew nothing about it and the mediator herself denied me the opportunity to find out. Without my agreement all you have is a corrupt meeting which you funded and upheld and a ‘Report of Mediation’ which is null and void and only fit for the bin. A failed Mediation scam which even Michelle Reid, CEO of TPAS, has since lied about in writing in a feeble attempt to protect the TPAS Mediator involved, (who cannot be named for legal reasons).

I will now continue to address the other points you raise in your letter of 9th August 2011 with regard to my recent complaint of ASB, noise nuisance and overcrowding which continued for 40 days. I will first give some background to that complaint.

In the wake of the failed Mediation scam a new resident moved in below my flat at the beginning of 2011. Due to noise nuisance issues I lodged a complaint in writing on 28th February 2011. On 16th May 2011 I again complained in writing that the resident had a woman and 2 children living with her in the one bedroom flat and that the level of noise nuisance was intolerable. I also stated that it had been suggested to me that you may be attempting to force me out of my home for my internet activities against you and Sanctuary Housing Association.

Out of desperation I also phoned the Sanctuary Shaftesbury ASB phoneline on 18th May 2011 and spoke to a Stacey for approximately 7 minutes at 7.17pm, and also advised her about my complaint of 16th May 2011. Because I could hear her typing I asked her for a response in writing which I never received. Subsequent complaints were sent to you and my 40 days of hell finally ended on 25th June 2011 when the woman and 2 children finally left.

In answer to the specific points you raise in your letter please accept the following :

I rejected Michelle Fenge’s investigation and offer of £10.00 (ten pounds) compensation because Michelle Fenge was herself one of the Officers involved in issues which you promised would be discussed in Mediation but were not. This when Ms Fenge was a Tenancy Enforcement Officer. It would therefore be unreasonable of you to expect me to accept anything Ms Fenge had to say about anything. I also rejected Michelle Fenge’s investigation because it did not begin with the initial email complaint of 16th May 2011, which Stacey had been made aware of on 18th May 2011.

In answer to your comment that you have since carried out an ‘appropriate’, as opposed to an inappropriate, investigation and that the issue is now resolved, I beg to differ. Despite my numerous written requests I have been given no evidence whatsoever that any investigation, appropriate or otherwise, was carried out. Furthermore, I fail to see how something can be declared resolved when the victim and complainant, myself, is left with no idea why he was subjected to 40 days of hell. What I do know is that I had a legal right to live in my home in peace and that you interfered with that right in not stopping noise nuisance continuing for 40 days.

In answer to your comment that I did not co-operative with Mr Carnon, the Housing Officer, in not accepting his offer to visit me, I will clarify the situation. I declined Mr Carnon’s inital offer to visit me because I was unhappy with his less than transparent remark that the expensive bathroom adaption in the flat below me was “confidential”. An adaption which was carried out in response to the previous tenant’s care needs and paid for by the Local Authority. Because I pay my own way and contribute to the Local Authority coffers I was simply trying to establish why this adaption was being wasted on a very young person with no medical need of it.

There were other missed opportunities to visit or meet and the most memorable of these was when I offered to meet Mr Carnon at the Tengo tea room, the very same, any afternoon during week beginning 13th June 2011. Mr Carnon declined on the grounds that he did not consider it an appropriate venue. Little did Mr Carnon realise that you, Richard Keeley, Regional Director, funded Mediation at this venue and not only considered it appropriate but upheld it’s conclusion. That Sanctuary Housing paid for it’s Business Manager Diane Parsons to attend that venue, but not until after the meeting had begun.

I will continue with the rest of your letter dated 9th August 2011 and continue to paraphrase :

Whilst I appreciate you may feel you are not obliged to provide me with information regarding when the Housing Officer visited the tenant below me in response to my complaints, or if the visits were by appointment, or if the woman and 2 children were present, I disagree the information is not relevant. I also disagree with your decision not to provide this information on the grounds that you are under no duty to do so. You go on to say that I have made unsubstantiated allegations that you “knowingly encouraged overcrowding and noise nuisance for 40 days”, and you finish by saying it is difficult to see how this claim, without being substantiated, is anything other than vexatious in nature.

As the victim and complainant in all this I feel I have every right to know and understand why I had been subjected to 40 days of hell, and satisfy myself that everything that should have been done was done. In terms of transparency you have done little but substantiate my allegations for me by witholding information from me. Relevant information which would establish once and for all when precisely you and Mr Carnon knew personally that a woman and 2 children were living with the resident below me.

If you or a member of your family was subjected to 40 days of hell would you really not want to know and understand why it happened, or satisfy yourself that everything that should have been done was done ?

Whilst you may be right you are ” not obliged ” or are ” under no duty” to provide me information I have requested I would remind you that you do have a legal duty of care to me which that information should uphold. I would also remind you that I am a customer and a resident who personally contributes towards your wages and which, in to my mind, makes you accountable to me whether you like it or not. I will finish by saying that it is difficult for me to see how my claim has not been substantiated, and is therefore not vexatious in nature, when you have proven yourself to be a most untrustworthy person.

So lets consider the evidence during that 40 day period and consider if your response was reasonable and appropriate. I should first say the importance you place on my meeting the Housing Officer or vica versa during this period was of little importance compared to the wealth of written evidence I submitted which would stand up in a court of law.

I will first provide some background. I have lived in my flat for 16 years and have always paid the rent. To my knowledge you have never received a complaint about me and I am the only resident who has brought about improvements for the benefit of my neighbours and in tackling ASB. I am also the only resident who has stopped Sanctuary Housing cheating and stealing from us. In view of the aforementioned you had no reason, no reason whatsoever other than to want me out, to question the truthfulness of my statements to a version given to you by a new resident who already had complaints against her and who then twice broke her tenancy agreement in allowing ASB noise nuisance and overcrowding for some 40 days.

I will continue with your letter of 9th August 2011 and will continue to paraphrase :

You say that you wrote to me on 5th July 2011 (Ruth Ponsford, Complaints Co-ordinator) and asked me if I wished to escalate my complaint reference 11283 to stage 2. That my reply of 7th July did not confirm that I wished to progress my complaint to stage 2 and you therefore now condsider this complaint to be closed.

My difficulty with Ms Ponsford’s letter of 5th July 2011, which I explained to her, was that the complaint was investigated by Michelle Fenge, and not by a Mrs Johns who should have conducted the investigation and was unknown to me. As I stated earlier Ms Fenge was herself one of the Officers involved in issues which you promised would be discussed in Mediation but were not. This when Ms Fenge was a Tenancy Enforcement Officer. I can only repeat that it would be unreasonable of you to expect me to accept anything Ms Fenge had to say about anything. I was also unhappy that the investigation was not dated from 16th May 2011, regardless of what type of complaint it was.

Because the investigation by Ms Fenge could not be changed and represented stage 1, according to Ms Ponsford, I did nonetheless consider progressing the complaint to stage 2. My reason for not doing so was because the stage 2 investigation would be dealt with by a more senior member of staff which I assumed meant Janet Swales, Area Manager.

As I stated earlier Janet Swales was herself involved in issues which you promised would be discussed and resolved in Mediation but were not. This when Janet Swales, Area Manager, and Michael Howarth, Community Developement Officer, knowingly misled the residents with the ‘Deed of Deception’ and denied the residents services they were entitled to and continued to pay for. The ‘Report of Mediation’ itself partly acknowledged this failure in awarding the financial enducement which I rejected so as not to legitamize that failed Mediation scam.

I was also mindful that it was Janet Swales herself who first blocked the progression of my previous complaint at stage 2 which you then upheld and proceeded to blackmail me with into entering into Mediation or remain at stage 2 indefinately.

To date I have remained at stage 2 of that complaint for over 700 days and the failed Mediation scam did little to address that complaint. The Housing Ombudsman has agreed in principle to write to you and ask you to remove the obstacle and allow that complaint to proceed. I have the Audit Commission to thank for this as it was they who read ‘The Medevil History of Castle Sanctuary’ and approached the Housing Ombudsman on my behalf. I will however not be seeking the Housing Ombudsman’s help because he cannot investigate the failed Mediation scam involving both Sanctuary Housing and TPAS, the key to everything.

The only other thing I would add regarding the official complaints procedure is that I will never ever use it again. The time has come for me to practise what I preach on my website, blog sites, twitter and other social networking sites in stating that ” I look forward to the day when Sanctuary Housing’s complaints procedure will truly protect it’s residents from the abuses and failures of it’s staff ” unquote. I will continue to report complaints as and when they happen for the record.

In closing I will now deal with the remainder of your letter of 9th August 2011 :

You say you emailed me on 1st August 2011 (Rob Carnon, Housing Officer) to say that – unless you receive any new information – the anti – social behaviour case will be closed.

Since 16th May 2011 you have received a lot of information in the form of emails, a complete and full 10 day ASB Harassment Diary Book, photographs, and a named witness who you have refused to talk to. As far as I am aware the only investigation Mr Carnon conducted was 3 weeks after the woman and 2 children had moved out when he asked selected residents if they heard any noises knowing full well the noise nuisance issue was between floor and ceiling and not concrete wall to wall.

There is one other ASB Harassment Diary Book which records five entries between 20th June through to 25th June 2011, when the woman and 2 children moved out. There are four other entries of noise nuisance after 25th June 2011.

Because I do not understand why the onus is on me to provide new information when you had sufficient evidence to stop ASB and noise nuisance in May 2011, I really see nothing to be gained in providing you with ‘new information’ now.

I am quite certain in my own mind that the only reason the 40 days of hell did come to an end on 25th June 2011 was because the Local Authority wrote to you on 20th June 2011 and advised you to deal with it. I believe the Local Authority did this so as to avoid any possibility of having to prosecute you for harassment if it continued.

The only other information I have, which includes a series of photographs, shows Mr Carnon, Housing Officer, in close proximity to the woman and 2 children and one other woman on Wednesday 22nd June 2011. Mr Carnon later returned at 11.15am to meet Mike Thompson, Facility Services Manager with Sanctuary Housing, and they inspected the flats communal area and estate. I noted Mr Thompson found it a big joke when he remarked how high the hedgerows grew to in 2009, which then led Janet Swales, Area Manager, and Michael Howarth, Community Developement Officer, to knowingly deceive and steal from the residents before you later arranged to bury it without discussion in the failed Mediation scam.

You end your letter of 9th August 2011 with the following which I have again paraphrased :

You say you would like to visit me at my home on Friday 26th August 2011 at 11.30am with yourself and the Housing Services Manager, Janet Swales, in order to see if we can discuss whether there are any options available to you. That If I do not accept this appointment, you will have no option but to invoke your serial and vexatious complainant policy for a further 6 months, until February 2012.

Firstly I have no wish to let you and Janet Swales contaminate the air I breath in my home with the amount of bullshit I already know you can and will produce. I also think it in my best interest not to allow ambiguity to start creeping in now having relied upon only written contact for the past few years.

Secondly, in response to your threat to invoke the serial policy for a further 6 months if I do not agree to you visiting my home on 26th August 2011, I regret I have little option but to invoke my own serial policy against you until February 2012. I do so because your visit would not only interfere with my lawful right to live in my home in peace, a familiar theme, but is ‘ vexatious in nature’ in that it threatens to invoke penalties if I choose to exercise that lawful right.

The legacy of that failed Mediation scam has continued to influence and tarnish everything that has since happened and you were wrong Mr Keeley to think I would simply give up and go away just because you protected yourself for 6 months, and the others simply refused to talk about it. As professionals you represent everything that is rotten and corrupt in this country and you really are no different to any rioter, looter or common thief on our streets. Pack animals with no moral conscience or compass. Professionals who have authority of office but lack moral authority and backbone when it comes to doing the right thing. Professionals who probably had a better or more privileged start in life than most but who cannot function without lying, cheating or abusing the rights of those you serve.

My life began in a council house in Lostwithiel and we had a drunkard for a father who was frequently violent. I had three brothers and a sister and we all suffered in one way or another. Before I was eight I was made half deaf by the drunkard who had struck one side of my head. Because the drunkard was a slaughterman by trade it was feared he would shoot us all before to long with one of his shotguns from the wardrobe. Before I was ten we were secretly taken to London to live. When my mother asked Social Services for help she was told she was young enough to work, which she had to do to keep us all together. We lived in a dingy top story flat in Hendon for many years and my mother and sister slept in the small lounge while myself and my brothers shared the bedroom with a bucket in one corner. I worked in a butcher shop part time for three years to help out with money and got a breast of lamb for sunday dinner if I exercised the butcher’s dog after work on saturdays. I left school a few years later following a move to Basingstoke. Although I always showed promise at school, when not fighting, I had no choice but to begin work in a factory almost the day after leaving. Further education was not an option for any of us. Over the following years we moved a number of times and I gained a number of managerial positions on merit. The drunkard hung himself in the local park around the time I returned to Cornwall and I later found out his father had killed himself years earlier the same way.

The moral of the story is that I had decided very early on in life that I would never again be threatened, intimidated, abused or bullied by anyone or anything whatever the personal or financial cost. Despite my disadvantages I still could not do to another person what you people have done to me just to protect one another. For these reasons I will hold each and everyone of you to account for however long it takes.

I apologise for the length of this letter but it will have much work to do over the coming months so I can spend more time on my business or I will lose it.

Copies of this letter will be sent to everybody named in it and beyond.

Yours sincerely

G R McLaughlin

(Parts in Italic signify a change to the original text since posting)


                                                       LIST OF RECIPIENTS

Richard Keeley, Regional Director, S/S, Janet Swales, Housing Services Manager, S/S, Michael Howarth, Community Developement Officer, S/S, Michelle Fenge, Senior Housing Officer, S/S, Tracy Johns, Senior Housing Officer, S/S, Robert Carnon, Housing Officer, S/S, S. Drew, Regional Support Assistant, S/S, Mike Thompson, Facility Services Manager, S/S, Ruth Ponsford, Customer Relations Officer, S/S (S/S=Sanctuary Shaftesbury/Sanctuary Housing Association). Michelle Reid (2), Chief Executive Officer, TPAS, (the TPAS Mediator) (2), Consultancy Manager South West, TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service). Chandalle Randall, Anti-Social Behaviour Caseworker,  Cornwall Council. Steve Ellis, Lead Anti-Social Behaviour Caseworker, Cornwall Council. Inside Housing Magazine via Twitter. Tim Burness Blog. Simon Wadsworth, TSA (Tenant Services Authority). Charity Commission. Cornwall County Council. TPAS Board of Directors = Karen Chambers Axiom Housing Association. Angie Clapp Westlea District Forum. Peter Coleing Chelmer Tenants Forum. Marianne Fendle Magna Housing Association. Richard Hewgill Metropolitan Housing Trust. Gareth Hopkins Midland Heart Housing Association. Steve Meakin MBE Clayton RA. Jenny Owens St Albans District Council. Penny Rodmell Hull Tenants Forum. Sara Thakkar Wandle Housing Association. Brenda Thomas Testway Tenants Forum. TPAS Staff Directory = Val Alker. Nigel Devereux. Lisa Holt. Nigel Long. Debbie Lucas. James Marsden. Gillian Mclaren. Lisa Meanock. Kate Newbolt. Helen Phillips. Carol Staines. Jenny Topham. Chris Walker. Jon Warnock. Jayne Whittaker. Simon Clark, Sanctuary Group Director for Housing and Communities. Claire Griffiths, Senior PA to Simon Clark. Donna Culley, Director of Sanctuary Home Care & Extra Care. David Bennett, FCA, CCMI, Group Managing Director, Executive Director, Member of Nominations Committee and Group, Chief Executive of Sanctuary Housing Group. Rosemary Crawley, JP, SRN, SCM, M.Soc.Sci, Director and Member of Housing Committee Sanctuary Housing Group. Nick Buckland, MA, FIA, FPMI, Group Board Member of Sanctuary Housing Association. Valerie Leake, Member of the Group Board Sanctuary Housing Association. Nick Baldwin, BSc, MSc, CEng, CDir, Group Chairman Sanctuary Housing Association. Victoria Elvidge BA Hons, Vice Chairman, Chairman of Group Housing Committee and Chairman of Remuneration Committee, Sanctuary Housing Association. Stephen Gilbert MP, Liberal Democrat. Giles Chichester MEP South West, Conservative, Sir Graham Watson MEP South West, Liberal Democrat. William (The Earl of) Dartmouth MEP South West, UK Independence. Trevor Colman MEP South West, UK Independence. Ashley Fox MEP South West, Conservative. Julie Girling MEP South West, Conservative. Lord Wolfson of Sunningdale, House of Lords (of Trevose in the County of Cornwall). Lord Teverson, House of Lords (of Tregony in the County of Cornwall). Lord Myners, House of Lords (Truro in the county of Cornwall). Diane Abbott MP. Debbie Abrahams MP. Nigel Adams MP. Richard Bacon MP. Adrian Bailey MP. William Bain MP. Rt Hon Vince Cable MP. Alun Cairns MP. Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Prime Minister. Nic Dakin MP. Simon Danczuk MP. Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP. Angela Eagle MP. Michael Fabricant MP. Michael Fallon MP. Roger Gale MP. Rt Hon William Hague MP. Huw Irranca-Davies MP. Glenda Jackson MP. Stewart Jackson MP. Sir Gerald Kaufman MP. Daniel Kawczynski MP. Barbara Keeley MP. Eleanor Laing MP. Norman Lamb MP. David Lammy MP. Mary Macleod MP. Angus MacNeil MP. Denis MacShane MP. Rt Hon Edward Miliband MP. Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP. Dennis Skinner MP. Andy Slaughter MP. Mike Gapes MP. Barry Gardiner MP. Edward Garnier MP. Mark Garnier MP. Peter Hain MP. Robert Halfon MP. Duncan Hames MP. David Hamilton MP. Rt Hon Harriet Harman MP. Adam Afriyie MP. Bob Ainsworth MP. Norman Baker MP. Steve Baker MP. Alan Campbell MP. Gregory Campbell MP. Sir Menzies Campbell MP. Edward Davey MP. Wayne David MP. Ian Davidson MP. Maria Eagle MP. Jonathan Edwards MP. Clive Efford MP. Paul Farrelly MP. Tim Farron MP. David Laws MP. Ian Lavery MP. Pauline Latham MP. Rt Hon Andrew Lansley CBE MP. Mark Lancaster MP. Chris Kelly MP. Alan Keen MP. Barbara Keeley MP. Sajid Javid MP. Dan Jarvis MP. Cathy Jamieson MP. Sian James MP. Margot James MP. Fabian Hamilton MP. Nick Gibb MP. Andrew George MP. David Gauke MP. Mark Field MP. Frank Field MP. Lynne Featherstone MP. Michael Ellis MP. Julie Elliot MP. Cllr Jenny Stewart, St Austell. Fiona Mactaggart MP. Khalid Mahmood MP. Shabana Mahmood MP. Anne Main MP. John Mann MP. Gordon Marsden MP. Paul Maskey MP. Francis Maude MP. Rt Hon Therisa May MP. Paul Maynard MP. Alun Michael MP. David Miliband MP. Andrew Miller MP. Maria Miller MP. Nigel Mills MP. Anne Milton MP. Andrew Mitchell MP. Austin Mitchell MP. Madeleine Moon MP. Michael Moore MP. Peter Aldous MP. Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP. Douglas Alexander MP. Heidi Alexander MP. Tony Baldry MP. Harriett Baldwin MP. Rt Hon Ed Balls MP. Gordon Banks MP. Stephen Barclay MP. Gregory Barker MP. Lisa Nandy MP. Pamela Nash MP. Robert Neill MP. Brooks Newmark MP. Sarah Newton MP. Caroline Nokes MP. Jesse Norman MP. David Nuttall MP. Stephen O’Brien MP. Fiona O’Donnell MP. Matthew Offord MP. Eric Ollerenshaw MP. Chi Onwurah MP. Guy Opperman MP. Rt Hon George Osborne MP. Sandra Osborne MP. Richard Ottaway MP. Albert Owen MP. James Paice MP. Neil Parish MP. Priti Patel MP. Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP. Mark Pawsey MP. Teresa Pearce MP. Mike Penning MP. John Penrose MP. Andrew Percy MP. Toby Perkins MP. Claire Perry MP. Stephen Phillips MP. Bridget Phillipson MP. Yasmin Qureshi MP. Dominic Raab MP. Rt Hon John Randall MP. Rt Hon Nick Raynsford MP. Mark Reckless MP. John Redwood MP. Jamie Reed MP. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP. Simon Reevell MP. Rachel Reeves MP. Alan Reid MP. Emma Reynolds MP. Jonathan Reynolds MP. Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP. Linda Riordan MP. Margaret Ritchie MP. Rt Hon Andrew Robathan MP. Angus Robertson MP. Hugh Robertson MP. John Robertson MP. Laurence Robinson MP. Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP. Christopher Pincher MP. Daniel Poulter MP. Stephen Pound MP. Rt Hon Dawn Promarolo MP. Mark Prisk MP. Mark Pritchard MP. John Pugh MP. Geoffrey Robinson MP. Dan Rogerson MP. Andrew Rosindell MP. Adrian Sanders MP. Laura Sandys MP. Anas Sarwar MP. Lee Scott MP. Alison Seabeck MP. Andrew Selous MP. Jim Shannon MP. Alok Sharma MP. Virendra Sharma MP. Barry Sheerman MP. Alec Shelbrooke MP. Steve Rotheram MP. Frank Roy MP. Lindsay Roy MP. Chris Ruane MP. Amber Rudd MP. Rt Hon Joan Ruddock MP. David Ruffley MP. Bob Russell MP. David Rutley MP. Mark Tami MP. Rt Hon Andrew Smith MP. Angela Smith MP. Chloe Smith MP. Henry Smith MP. Julian Smith MP. Nick Smith MP. Owen Smith MP. Robert Smith MP. Peter Tapsell MP. Sarah Teather MP. Gareth Thomas MP. Emily Thornberry MP. John Thurso MP. Stephen Timms MP. Edward Timpson MP. Justin Tomlinson MP. David Tredinnick MP. Jon Trickett MP. Elizabeth Truss MP. Andrew Turner MP. Karl Turner MP. Derek Twigg MP. Stephen Twigg MP. Andrew Tyrie MP. Chuka Umunna MP. Paul Uppal MP. Edward Vaizey MP. Shailesh Vara MP. Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP. Valerie Vaz MP. Martin Vickers MP. Rt Hon Theresa Villiers MP. Charles Walker MP. Robin Walker MP. Ben Wallace MP. Joan Walley MP. Robert Walter MP. David Ward MP. Angela Watkinson MP. Tom Watson MP. Dave Watts MP. Mike Weatherley MP. Steve Webb MP. Mike Weir MP. James Wharton MP. Heather Wheeler MP. Chris White MP. Eilidh Whiteford MP. Alan Whitehead MP. Rushanara Ali MP. Graham Allen MP. David Amess MP. David Anderson MP. Stuart Andrew MP. Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP. Rt Hon Jon Ashworth MP. Ian Austin MP. John Baron MP. Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP. Gavin Barwell MP. Hugh Bayley MP. Guto Bebb MP. Rt Hon Margaret Beckett MP. Anne Begg MP. Alan Beith MP. Stuart Bell MP. Henry Bellingham MP. Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP. Joe Benton MP. Richard Benyon MP. Rt Hon John Bercow MP. Paul Beresford MP. Luciana Berger MP. Jake Berry MP. Clive Betts MP. Andrew Bingham MP. Brian Binley MP. Gordon Birtwistle MP. Bob Blackman MP, Roberta Blackman-Woods MP, Nicola Blackwood MP, Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP, Tom Blenkinsop MP, Paul Blomfield MP, Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, Rt Hon Tom Brake MP, Angie Bray MP, Julian Brazier MP, Louise Mensch MP, Peter Luff MP, Karen Lumley MP, Steve McCabe MP, Michael McCann, Kerry McCarthy MP, Jason McCartney MP, Karl McCartney MP, Gregg McClymont MP, William McCrea MP, Siobhain McDonagh MP, Alasdair McDonnell MP, John McDonnell MP, Rt Hon Pat McFadden MP, Alison McGovern MP, Jim McGovern MP, Martin McGuinness MP, Rt Hon Anne McGuire MP, Anne McIntosh MP, Ann McKechin MP, Iain McKenzie MP, Catherine McKinnell MP, Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, Stephen McPartland MP, Esther McVey MP, Rt Hon Michael Meacher MP, Alan Meale MP, Ian Mearns MP, Mark Menzies MP, Patrick Mercer MP, Stephen Metcalfe MP,

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