IPCC UP-DATE, 18/09/2013.

IPCC UP-DATE, 18/09/13.

IPCC UP-DATE, 18/09/13.


Blog entered 18 September 2013


                                                       IPCC UPDATE

For those of you who have been wondering how the IPCC Appeal is going the following will update you all.

The IPCC contacted me earlier this month to say there will be a further delay in reviewing my Appeal which it received in February this year.

You will recall I lodged an Appeal with the IPCC because of the leniency shown to 3 police officers by Devon & Cornwall Police following it’s own internal whitewash. That although the 3 officers were wrong, based solely on what little evidence was available from not investigating properly, the officers should only receive ‘Management Action’.

In reply to the IPCC, I have now submitted further evidence which has since come to light concerning the favouritism shown to Oonah Lacey who was responsible for having me arrested on 24 April 2012. Readers will recall my problems with Oonah Lacey began when she was a TPAS Consultant and conducted a TPAS Mediation Scam in 2010 to protect TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing, my landlord.

Leading up to my arrest in 2012 Oonah Lacey’s company ‘Involvis’ was conducting a survey analysing the impact the then new Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Framework Agreement on the provision of interpreting services across the justice sector. The survey closed 11 days before I was arrested and locked up for internet harassment. The article on the survey appeared in “Police Life” in May 2012.

I also reminded the IPCC that according to Oonah Lacey’s written statement/complaint to the police in April 2012, and used extensively by the police in recorded interview due to a lack of written evidence and investigation by them, Oonah Lacey stated she had decided to hand her notice in to TPAS and left on the 19th August 2011 to set up a housing consultancy and training organisation in partnership with Penny and Charles Arbuthnot.

The organisation was called ‘Involvis’ and had actually been set up months before Oonah Lacey had stated it had. I allege the reason why Oonah Lacey wilfully misled the police was to distance herself from claims she had been sacked by TPAS earlier in 2011 for alleged fraud. Although the police contacted TPAS over these allegations, but obtained no evidence, it would appear TPAS also misled the police to protect itself, Lacey and TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing.

The Internal Police Investigation into my complaint against the 3 officers should have uncovered the truth but it did not even scratch the surface, which served only to protect the 3 officers, Oonah Lacey, TPAS and Sanctuary Housing. It has also been suggested Cornwall Council may also have had something to do with my arrest.

Further Up-Date : It is now April 2014 and 14 months since the IPCC recieved the Appeal.

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