The Rogue in question this time is Oonah Lacey of TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service) Consultancy Manager South who is committed to delivering tailored customer focused services to meet tenant and client requirements.

I first corresponded with Oonah by email in 2010 regarding Mediation between myself and Sanctuary Housing. As Mediator Oonah suggested travelling to Cornwall to talk with me one to one about my complaints and the process. That she would then at a later date meet with Sanctuary Housing and do the same and that we would then all get together to endeavour to seek a solution.

Unfortunately for me Sanctuary Housing had not only paid TPAS to conduct Mediation but had also bought the TPAS Mediator. This became apparent when we met in Cornwall on 25th October 2010 for our one to one meeting. Shortly after the meeting began Oonah introduced a representative from Sanctuary Housing who also sat in at the meeting. Within weeks a biased Report followed and most of my serious complaints against Sanctuary Housing had been buried unresolved.

There were a number of reasons why Oonah Lacey orchestrated a Scam. She personally knew Richard Keeley, Regional Director, Sanctuary Housing in Devon, who had requested Mediation and who needed to protect Sanctuary and some of his officers from serious allegations and criminality. Sanctuary Housing was a flagship TPAS Accredited landlord, which meant TPAS had a vested interest in protecting Sanctuary. Sanctuary Housing had also been Re-Accredited a few months before the Scam took place in October 2010. Sanctuary Housing, being one of the largest Social Housing Providers in the country, gave TPAS a higher profile and increased revenue as more housing providers also wanted to be “TPAS Accredited”.

As far as I can tell TPAS is committed to protecting landlords above tenants and therefore provides little more than a protection racket for landlords. If you imagine a shop steward being trusted by workers but is in the pocket of management that just about sums up TPAS.

“The Medevil History of Castle Sanctuary” was published on this site in April 2011 and every professional named was sent a copy via email. Every board member of Sanctuary Housing and TPAS was sent a copy and I have continued sending them new works and linking the works to Twitter.

For further reading Oonah Lacey can be found in “The Medevil History of Castle Sanctuary” as the “Old Hag”, and in other site articles.

Footnote : The above was written before Oonah was sacked by TPAS in June/July 2011 for alleged Fraud. In 2012 she had me arrested and locked up for internet harassment which showed Oonah to be liar, the police to be corrupt, and me to be vindicated for protecting myself from extreme provication and criminality by Sanctuary Housing and TPAS.

Up-date : It is now April 2014 and the IPCC has still yet to investigate the 3 Police Officers. Complaints include arresting me and detaining me without any evidence. Locking me up in a cell, and Intimidation to avoid interview. Conducting an ‘oppressive’ interview according to my solicitor, Showing favouritism to the complainant. Falsifying police records etc. etc.

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