Blog entered 21 April 2014

“The Sanctuary Report” will become a new weekly up-date of issues included in my weekly email’s to Simon Clark, Managing Director, Sanctuary Housing Services, and Sanctuary CEO David Bennett.

The present weekly email is some 10 pages long and covers most issues and complaints, most of which remain un-resolved, since 2009. The Report will save the reader wading through pages of text. If the reader would prefer to read everything he/she need only ask. The purpose of the weekly email is to prevent Sanctuary ever claiming it did not know.

Today’s email dated 21 April 2014, was sent to Simon Clark, Rosemary Crawley, for the attention of CEO David Bennett, and Stephen Gilbert MP, and included 2 specific Issues. (1) The continuing un-repaired fence damage in Timber Close from January -February 2014, and (2) The Doss house (flat) within Timber Close arranged by Cornwall Council and approved by Sanctuary Housing in 2012.

On the issue of the un-repaired fence damage I drew attention to Sanctuary’s view of 8th April 2014 that the problem with the fencing is not a Health and Safety issue. I acknowledged it therefore cannot become a Health and Safety issue until such time as someone is hurt or injured by the debris.

On the issue of the Doss house I reported it continues to cause a nuisance and that 3 police cars had attended w/e 20/04/14 on separate occasions. That the most police cars that had attended at any one time to this property was 5 cars some time ago. I also reported one drunk had knocked on my door recently and wanted to come in then wanted money when I told him to sod off. That sooner or later a drunk will die here and that when it happens I will expose the Council and Sanctuary’s CEO Bennett. That I particularly felt sorry for the vulnerable female tenant who lives below these toxic parasites.

(History : The Doss house was previously advertised through Homechoice without a preference but was fully furnished up until a day before bidding closed. That it was ‘ringfenced’ for certain types despite Cornwall Council stating it did not do that with Homechoice properties. This lie was supported by a no less corrupt Local Government Ombudsman to protect the Council and Sanctuary, and Simon JR Mansell MBE, Principal Legal Officer Corporate Governance for and on behalf of Cornwall Council).



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