The Rogue in question this time is Richard Keeley, Regional Director of Sanctuary Shaftesbury, a subsidiary of Sanctuary Housing, who joined Sanctuary Shaftesbury in 2009.

Richard reports to Simon Clark, Sanctuary Group’s Director of Customer Services. A pair who both like to bully, blackmail and invoke complainant policies when they don’t get their own corrupt way.

I first had contact with Richard when Janet Swales, Area Manager of Sanctuary Shaftesbury, blocked the progess of my complaint at Stage 2 in August 2009, and referred the matter to her Regional Director Richard Keeley. A dialogue via email and letters began and Richard soon resorted to blackmailing me into either accepting Mediation or remain at Stage 2 of the complaints procedure indefinately.

With little choice but to accept the idea of Mediation I then began a dialogue with TPAS. Richard had recommended TPAS and had offered to finance Mediation by them. Doubt to cover the cost was expressed by Richard if I decided not to use TPAS. Within a very short time of my contact beginning with TPAS I began a written dialogue with the TPAS Mediator.

On 25th October 2010 I met the TPAS Mediator in Cornwall for an arranged one to one meeting but  walked into a trap set by the TPAS Mediator, a friend of Richard’s, and Sanctuary Housing. Despite my written complaint within 24 hours of that meeting a Report later followed and Richard invoked a complainant policy against me for 6 months rather than investigate my complaint. (This Mediation Scam is recorded elsewhere on my site for further reading).

Richard was wrong to blackmail me into Mediation and was wrong to let the TPAS Mediator bury serious issues he promised me, in writing, would be discussed and resolved in Mediation but were not. Richard was wrong not to investigate my complaint that the meeting of 25th October 2010 was flawed and unsafe. Richard was wrong to then introduce a complainant policy against me so as to avoid answering questions for 6 months only to then threaten me with another complainant policy mid 2011 for a further 6 months.

Almost a year after that ‘Scam’ on 25th October 2010, Simon Clark, Sanctuary Group’s Director of Customer Services, confirmed, in writing, I had never agreed to enter into Mediation and that what happened was a ‘genuine misunderstanding’. Mr Clark has since failed to explain why this misunderstanding was not investigated a year ago and in response to my complaint.

A misunderstanding which neither TPAS or Sanctuary Housing’s highly paid professionals had themselves realised even when the facts were presented to them. A misunderstanding which Michelle Reid, CEO of TPAS, investigated in early 2011and found nothing wrong or inappropriate. An investigation by Michelle Reid which only came about after she had first lied and cheated, in writing, to protect the TPAS Mediator and TPAS Accredited Sanctuary Housing.

To date I have remained at Stage 2 of the complaints procedure since August 2009. On 1st December 2011 Simon Clark closed the original 2009 Complaint unresolved, and against me wishes, because I would not give way to him blackmailing me into returning and proceeding with the original complaint then 800 + days old. This because it was now the least damaging option for Sanctuary Housing.

In July 2011 the TPAS Mediator was sacked or resigned.

No one from TPAS has spoken to me since the early part of 2011, and Sanctuary Housing is still quite content not to right any wrongs and has since attempted to harass me out of my home. Richard is still hiding behind complainant policies to avoid questions and scrutiny.

For further reading please read ‘The Medevil History of Castle Sanctuary’ in which Richard Keeley plays ‘Dick The Head’ head sorcerer in all things doggie doo and bullshit.

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