Blog entered 12 June 2014.

Mr Warner advised that “Homechoice Policy is set by Members of Cornwall Council and it was his job to implement it”.

“Policy 23.7 First Reviews – First reviews are re-assessed by the Welfare Panel that made the original assessment”.

Perhaps Cornwall Council, or the LGO, would like to explain why the Council was allowed to disregard Policy 23.7 at a First Review on 27 November 2012 ?

Jon Warner is the Cornwall Homechoice Manager – West/Central teams, Cornwall Housing Ltd.

Perhaps Warner’s partner in crime Rachel Lytham, Housing Needs Officer, Cornwall Housing Ltd, would like to explain why she commented on the First Review Form “Need information from Mental Health professional re Mrs McL condition”, when a Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) attended the “original  assessment” but neglected to intervene and failed to attend the First Review ?

My wife, the Mrs McLaughlin referred to, died within a year of the First Review aged 54, and died with Low Welfare Priority.

(LGO = Local Government Ombudsman)

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