1. Totally agree the repair or lack of them in some properties they are almost a death risk I can’t name the elderly complex or where it is its a Complete danger for a fit able body person.

    And another example my project officer is a big built guy four Tennants where out on a small balancy walk way he was shaking very nervous to come up saw the tennant next door friends who I was with him caught him and asked what does his job was ‘agh I’m here for antisocial and breaches or tenancy’ right I said see that paper slammed it down on the edge of the balcony he was.leaning against it it just touched arm its suddenly have broughtly attached him after he run down one side stairs case back up up the opposite one across the top he appeared in next door shaking sweating holding his head quick can’t find my phone can I use yours I need use your as she really attacked me. The police where never called as I never got a knock on my door police are on easte in mins if they are called

    another example elderly lady didn’t.adjust her direct debit when the rent increase she had no proir warning. She got at letter we demand £1.500. In seven days of threated her with eviction

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