#SanctuaryHousing. THE DIRTY DOZEN.


Blog entered 5 May 2014


(1) Sanctuary is an “exempt” not-for-profit registered Charity.

(2) Sanctuary’s Chief Executive Officer David Bennett presently earns £310,000.00 a year. Twice as much as the Prime Minister.

(3) Sanctuary is the largest provider of social housing in the country and presently owns in excess of 95,000 properties.

(4) Sanctuary has a multi million pound turnover and recorded a profit of £72 million for year 2012 – 2013.

(5) Sanctuary has some 11,000 properties in Cornwall but no office.

(6) Sanctuary had an office in Truro but closed it when it began to grow bigger and greedier.

(7) Sanctuary’s workers in Cornwall are based mostly in Devon.

(8) Sanctuary prefer tenants who claim benefits because they are easier to cheat and abuse.

(9) Sanctuary frequently resorts to corruption and criminality to get it’s way.

(10) Sanctuary has strong links with Government and is considered by some to be above the law.

(11) Sanctuary is a housing partner with Cornwall Council and together they collude and protect one another.

(12) Sanctuary prefers to acquire more properties rather than spend funds repairing and maintaining existing properties.


1 thought on “#SanctuaryHousing. THE DIRTY DOZEN.

  1. I totally agree Geoff but you might find a hidden office in your area my nearest advertised is ipwitch I’m sure to God that they using old local paper office round the corner from me from the outside it looks like unused office block some one in a suit came flying out and asking me to get out the car park but it’s public as it’s on the edge of industrial easate and twice some one from sanctuary has been on the block in a few minutes it can’t be any further away than that as it’s a.nightmare driving round Chelmsford from mine it’s quicker to walk most places as roads by mine are almost grid locked school run time

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