Blog entered 17 October 2014.

Today’s Update.

If any one would like to order a card or maybe more, please pm us with your address and quantity required. I will send them to you with a receipt, and gratitude.

We are trying to raise awareness and funds for Ernest’s legal fees to gain access to his late wife’s care plan and medical notes in the time that he was banned from the home.

He has had to instruct a lawyer to act on his behalf as so far the home and the doctor who were looking after Maggie have failed to deliver on Ernest’s requests.

We have 500 to sell at the cost of £1.80 a card, this covers the cost of the printing, postage and packing, leaving 100% of the rest to Ernest’s legal bill as he is not entitled to legal aid.

You can pay by Pay Pal by using the donate button on this page which is now active or in a way of your choice.
please specify in your PM order…..

Thank you for your help, love and support.

(Please go to the Facebook ‘Justice for Ernest John Coles’ page and click on the ‘Justice for Ernest John Coles’ link for the donate button. I am only supporting and promoting this cause and have nothing to do with the above cards).

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