Blog entered 24 October 2014.


Four years ago today I became the victim of a mediation Scam by TPAS to protect the criminality of the housing charity Sanctuary Housing Association, my landlord.

Although much has happened since then and much has been written, I have decided to mark this Fourth Anniversary by considering “The Law” and if it has protected me.

The first “Legal” figure to become involved was Sanctuary Group Board Member Judge Rosemary Crawley. Although she wanted to intervene and contact me directly she freely chose to allow boardroom protocol to take precedence over her legal obligations and responsibilities to uphold “The Law”, and to protect the potential victim of a crime and the potential of further criminality by Sanctuary Housing’s CEO David Bennett, fellow Group Board Members, Directors and Executives.

Within a year I was arrested by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary following a written complaint of Harassment by ex-TPAS Mediator Oonah Lacey. This in relation to Blogs I had written on my business website.

I was taken to St Austell Police Station and elected to have a solicitor present and for it to go to recorded interview. This led to an official complaint against Sargeant Carhart, PC Pomeroy and PC Wyatt. The complaint was investigated by Sargeant Cartwright of D&CC who attempted to cover-up the full extent of what went on. This then led to an official Appeal to the IPCC for it to investigate.

Fifteen months later Tina Walker, IPCC Casework Manager, ruled that all four Officers were at fault in some way but should receive “Management Action” only.

The IPCC only arrived at it’s perverse decision by applying ‘absolute discretion’ not to investigate all the evidence available to it.

The most damning piece of evidence being Sargeant Cartwright’s statement that the written Complaint was not received until 5th April 2012, when internal documents prove I was under investigation mid-March when it contacted Sanctuary Housing as part of it’s investigations.

Tina Walker also claimed Sargeant Carhart, in regard to his threat to seize my computer, did not threaten my livelihood because he was of the opinion I was “unemployed”. This despite his officers investigating reported blogs on a website called “Geoff’s Cameras”, which sold camera equipment, and which the IPCC itself acknowledged was my business website.

When offered an opportunity to resolve these serious discrepancies the IPCC would only say that there is no further right of appeal once the decision is made, other than for me to seek legal advice.

Sadly the above has only made me an even greater victim of criminality than I was in 2010.

I therefore make no apology for naming the individuals and organisations above and I urge them to take legal action against me if they feel offended and disagree with anything I have said.

I will go even further and beg any of those named above to take me to court.

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