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Not an image most people would associate with Cornwall Council’s Principal Legal Officer, but the image recently appeared on Simon’s Facebook page as his updated public profile picture. Simon’s alto ego no doubt. Be sure to make a visit on leaving here.

Unbeknown to most people Simon was a Weightlifting Champion for many years apart from being a Member of the British Empire (MBE). A lawyer with adequate qualifications and who not only has a six pack for a stomach but also bling for his chest when all else fails.

On the downside Simon is also a member of Cornwall Council’s Rat Pack, a new casual blog series beginning in 2015, which will discover what the Rats do and more importantly what the Rats should not have done.

Regretfully Simon, like fellow Rat Pack members, is without honour in the way he fails to protect the public from the corrupt and willful actions of fellow Rats. Moreso since he became party to the cover-up of the Council’s unlawful and callous abuse and discrimination of my wife in 2012, and up until she died in 2013 and thereafter.


  1. It amazes me that Cornwall Council allows its employees to behave in such a childish manner. If they allow him to parade his lady friend online in nothing but a pair of black knickers then that says it all. So classy. Laura E. Thomas

  2. Having been a Bodmin Town Councillor for 19 years I was the subject of a complaint from a member of the public over a letter I wrote accusing him of defamation. Without carrying out a proper investigation Mr Mansell told the town council they should censure me. Which was when the farce began because the town council tried to do so in an illegal debate that took place when I was not present, in other words in a kangaroo court. It took the council 8 months to rescind their illegal resolution and cost them £8950 in legal fees. They refused to apologize or do the honorable thing and pay my legal fees. In the meantime the complainant has admitted he libeled me apologized and paid me substantial damages. I wrote personal letter of complaint last August to the leader of the council accusing Mr Mansell of :- failing to carry out a proper investigation, bias, a denial of my human rights, lying about the remit of the LGO and writing a racist homily about me to my solicitor. None of which has he ever denied. The only reply I received was from another member of his department who claimed his racist homily was a colloquialism and also lied about the remit of the LGO. In my opinion both Cornwall Council and Bodmin Town Council are corrupt, law breakers,guilty of malfeasance, perfidy and sheer incompetence in wasting council tax payers money. Ralph Solomons

    • You are to be congratulated Mr Solomons on exposing both the corrupt methods of Cornwall Council and Simon JR Mansell MBE, CILEx, and in the public interest. It is still a mystery to many how the very intimidating and corrupt Mr Mansell became the Principal Legal Officer up until his demotion for unknown reasons. Mr Mansell often recommended complainants complain to the LGO in order for him to bully investigators and withold or not correct critical information, which the Council no doubt appreciated however criminal his methods. I believe it was Mr Mansell who was behind my unlawful arrest in 2015 as the evidence edited in recorded interview by the police protected his intimidating handy work by way of a threatening and bogus Letter of Defamation. Time will tell. Congratulations again Mr Solomons for going the distance and bringing your endeavors to the attention of the public.

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