The ICO is the latest so called Public Advocate to cease protecting the public.


Blog posted 18 September 2015


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) today ruled that Cornwall Council was right to declare me ‘Vexatious’ and deny me Freedom of Information Request and Reviews.

That although Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust abused my late wife, and others, and abused her human rights and denied her a fair and honest Welfare Priority Assessment, and denied her the care and support she should have received up until she died within a year later, Cornwall Council is right to consider me ‘vexatious’ and does not therefore have to answer why the Council and the Trust have lied profusely, why the Council disregarded Council Policy and Procedures and how many mentally ill and vulnerable adults has the Council and the Trust jointly abused and discriminated against. All of these things being in the public interest but all subject to a continuing cover-up indirectly by the Governments so called public advocates who are no longer “Independent” or protecting the public but protecting central and local Government.

I regret the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) is no longer protecting the public.

In September 2014 Cornwall Council sent me a ‘Letter of Defamation’ advising me not to name 2 Council employees on social media again and who I alleged were party to rigged Welfare Priority Assessments by the Council and the Trust. In reply I named all 6 Council employees and an employee of the Trust. If the Council and the Trust and it’s employees truly did not abuse my long term mentally ill wife, and others, and did not abuse her human rights, why has the Council, or the Trust for that matter, not taken me to court ? Why will the Council or the Trust not protect and uphold the reputations of their employees if I am wrong ?

How can I be considered ‘vexatious’ when it is the Council and the Trust which abused my late wife and other mentally ill and vulnerable adults, and intimidated me with an empty threat of defamation ?

It will shortly be the 1st anniversary of the threatening letter from Cornwall Council and the only path left, having attempted to do it the proper way by seeking help from my then useless MP Stephen Gilbert, my new unhelpful MP Steve Double, the ICO, the perverse LGO, a willfuly blind PHSO and a deaf CQC, is to escalate the matter nationally and in the interest of all mentally ill and vulnerable people in our country.

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