Blog posted 16 November 2015

                              ORDERED OR BRIBED ?

In 2012 I was falsely arrested for harassment and was intimidated and locked up and oppressed in recorded interview at St Austell Police Station by Officers representing Devon & Cornwall Police. An internal investigation followed which proved to be a whitewash.

The IPCC investigated and decided some 15 months later that 2 Sergeants and 2 Constables had perverted the course of justice but should receive ‘Management Action’ only. Unfortunately, the IPCC conducted it’s own whitewash and cover-up to protect Sergeant 5016 Shane Carhart, Sergeant 3097 Dave Cartwright, Constable 5851 Mark Pomery and Constable 1685 Jo Wyatt, senior officers, and the organisations involved.

That we know some of what the 4 individual Officers did wrong but we do not know why the 4 Officers collectively did it.

I allege Cornwall Council covertly arranged the Scam with Devon & Cornwall Police to protect corruption by the Council and it’s housing partner Sanctuary Housing, and others.

That I would be put through the wringer, my rights would be abused, I would be processed as a criminal, and intimidated enough for me to agree to remove blogs from my website which were damaging to the Council and Sanctuary and others, in exchange for a caution only.

That the moment I opted to have a solicitor present and go for recorded interview the Scam was scuppered because Devon & Cornwall Police had no evidence against me because it was never their intention to charge me. This because it would have served only to expose criminality by Cornwall Council, Sanctuary Housing, TPAS and fraudster Oonah Lacey, and Devon & Cornwall Police itself.

On 6 November 2015 I was visited by Sergeant 15434 and Constable 10463 representing Devon & Cornwall Police who served me a ‘Police Information Notice’ in regard to a formal allegation of Harassment by 2 employees of the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The visit represented a further attempt by Devon & Cornwall Police to intimidate me and to protect criminality by Cornwall Council and it’s corrupt partner the NHS Trust regarding rigged Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments which abused and discriminated against the mentally ill and the vulnerable.

That I will be lodging an official complaint against Devon & Cornwall Police for it’s continuing intimidation to me to protect the criminality by Cornwall Council, again, and the NHS Trust, and I will also be seeking answers which remain unresolved concerning it’s original intimidation to me in 2012.

Because the above involves Government Bodies I will be notifying my MP with a view of Parliament conducting an Investigation or Inquiry.

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