Blog posted 09 November 2015

                  YOU’RE NICKED – BUT NOT YET.

A Police Information Notice (PIN) was served on me at my home by Pc 10463 and witnessed by Ps 15434 between 10:35 – 10:40 on Friday 06/11/2015.

It concerns a formal allegation of harassment from 2 employees of the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

To my knowledge I have never met or talked to either of these individuals. I have never phoned them, written to them, emailed them, text them, sent them anything through the post and I have never made any false or malicious allegations about them.

I have named and shamed them both on social media but no more than any other individual or group and I have only made allegations against them and others in response to extreme provocation.

I allege one has been involved in a cover-up to protect criminality by employer the Trust and Cornwall Council since 2013, regarding the willful abuse and discrimination of the mentally ill and vulnerable resulting from rigged Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessment Panels. One victim being my late wife who the Trust failed and neglected up until she died the following year.

I allege the other was an unqualified member on the rigged Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessment Panel which assessed my late wife, and others, and who signed a document which both he the Council and the Trust knew to be an act of fraud, and who was later disowned by the Trust in order to provide a complicit Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman with a way out of investigating the complaint against the Trust because the ‘NHS’ factor had been corruptly removed.

That the Council’s written advice was that the individual was “Community Psychiatric Nurse” and was a “Mental Health Team Representative” were willful lies.

More recently Cornwall Council has avoided answering Freedom of Information requests about the Assessments by falsely declaring me vexatious, and the Trust has broken the law by not answering my most recent Freedom of Information request about the Assessments within the required legal time limit, and without explanation.

The Police Information Notice (PIN) stated that my Date of Birth is 23/04/15 which makes me nearly 7 months old. A simple enough mistake to make I hear you say.

In 2012 I was arrested by 2 officers with Devon & Cornwall Police following a complaint of harassment which I allege was a Scam organised by Cornwall Council to protect itself, it’s housing partner Sanctuary Housing and others. The purpose of the Scam was not to have me charged, far from it, but to intimidate me enough for me to agree to remove blogs from my website which were damaging to Sanctuary Housing, Cornwall Council and others.

The moment I requested a duty Solicitor and recorded interview the Scam was rumbled.

A complaint was later lodged with Devon & Cornwall Police and the IPCC and an internal investigation proved to be a cover-up to protect all concerned except myself. Over a year later the IPCC ruled 2 Sergeants and 2 Police constables had perverted the course of justice and each was given Management Action only.

police 1

The above is part from an ‘Active Lines of Enquiry’ document from 2012, acquired via a Data Protection SAR, and states I was born on 12/04/1952. The information was provided to PC 1685 Jo Wyatt by Sanctuary Housing on 14 March 2014, and is evidence of the Scam because the IPCC willfuly failed to investigate this information. Information that contradicted Sergeant 3097 Dave Cartwright’s Investigation Report that the written complaint against me was dated 5 April 2012, weeks after I was being investigated.

Only Sanctuary Housing could have advised Devon & Cornwall Police of that information because only Sanctuary Housing had erroneously recorded on it’s internal data that was born on 12/04/1952, as confirmed by a Data Protection SAR. Had Sanctuary checked the Tenancy Agreement it would have noticed I wasn’t even born on 12/04/1952 but later on 23/04/1952. Not that it matters because according to Sergeant 3097 Dave Cartright, Devon & Cornwall Police, and the IPCC the conversation never happened.

Around this same time in March 2012 Sanctuary’s CEO David Bennett re-named his corrupt SW Regional Director Richard Keeley “Head of Operations – South West”  to protect Sanctuary, Keeley, TPAS, and Sanctuary’s housing partner Cornwall Council. This because of their unlawful practice of ‘ringfencing’ Homechoice properties which involved deception upon Homechoice applicants. A criminal practice which has continued.

I suspect Devon & Cornwall Police is now seeking to protect Cornwall Council and the Trust for the rigged Welfare Priority Assessments and other criminality. Who else but a corrupt Council could influence a corrupt Police Force enough to engage in a cover-up to protect corruption.

I will shortly be lodging a complaint against Devon & Cornwall Police, and therefore the IPCC, because I feel I am again being harassed and intimidated by a corrupt Police Force which regularly meets and advises the corrupt organisations named above.

The allegations relate to defamation and not harassment and the Council has already demonstrated it has no stomach to take me to court following it’s embarrassing and threatening “Letter of Defamation” sent to me last year and which has only resulted in me naming and shaming 6 corrupt Council employees, and also the Trust employee no less than 600 times on social media to date without penalty.

When the Police Officers visited me on Friday 6 November to serve me Notice I did ask if we could by-pass the Notice and they simply take me to the Police Station where we could save time and just get on with it. The Officer explained they could not do that. The Officer did at least confirm the photographs mentioned in the Notice which I have used was the Trust employee. I was never really sure it was him and I believe he was there as member of the team involved in the “Detoxification” of the unlawful and covert toxic community created by Sanctuary Housing and Cornwall Council, and which was policed by Devon & Cornwall Police in 2014, and which involved the NHS Trust in it’s too little and too late appearance in response to my blogs and warnings on social media.

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