A Corrupt Cornwall Council, NHS Trust and Police Force.


Blog posted 29 November 2015

A Corrupt Cornwall Council, NHS Trust and Police Force.

Having recently been visited by officers of Devon & Cornwall Police 3 times in as many weeks, an update into the rigged Welfare Priority Assessments by Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is long overdue.

The cover-up has continued and both the Council and the Trust have treated Freedom of Information requests with utter contempt in not answering questions to do with rigged Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments which have abused and discriminated against the mentally ill and the vulnerable.

The most recent FOI request has seen the Trust break the law in not replying to the request by 27 October 2015. Once the Trust learnt I was in communication with the Information Commissioner’s Office over the contempt the Trust had shown the FOI Act 2000, the Trust responded a month too late on 27 November, refused to answer the FOI request and, like Cornwall Council, invoked its own ‘vexatious’ policy to avoid answering future FOI requests on rigged Welfare Priority Assessments.


The above notice shows a response to the FOI request was “long overdue” and that “By law, under all circumstances” the Trust “should have responded by now”.

Cornwall Council invoked a ‘vexatious’ policy against me months earlier to avoid answering FOI requests about Homechoice property anomalies, unlawful ‘ringfencing’ and rigged Welfare Priority Assessments.

It would appear the ‘Letter of Defamation’ sent to me over a year ago by Cornwall Council warning me not to name Council employees Rachel Lytham and Tony Grainger again on social media or accuse them of being party to rigged Welfare Priority Assessments, was solely for the purposes of unlawful intimidation.

That having also named and shamed Council employees Jon Warner, Angela White, Clemence Lincoln-Williams, Sarah Hill, and a NHS Trust employee in excess of 650 times on social media for also being party to rigged Welfare Priority Assessments, the Council still has no stomach for scrutiny in a court of law.

The most likely candidate for the unsigned ‘Letter of Defamation’ was then ‘Principal Legal Officer’ with Cornwall Council Mr Simon JR Mansell MBE.


Picture shows one of Simon JR Mansell’s alter ego profiles from his Facebook site and which I have named ‘THE INTIMIDATOR’.

Although I have recently been accused of internet harassment by 2 Trust employees whom I have never met or tried to contact, the police are due to visit again next week to take me to St Austell Police Station for recorded interview and with a solicitor present regarding their complaint on behalf of the Trust.

Unfortunately Devon & Cornwall Police is not impartial in this due to my unlawful arrest, intimidation and detention in 2012 when 2 Sergeants and 2 PCs with D&CP were found to have perverted the course of justice and a 15 month investigation/cover-up by the IPCC failed to determine if the 4 Officers were ordered to set me up or were bribed.

That the most likely organisation in a position to influence D&CP to conduct a Scam involving me not being charged under any circumstances was Cornwall Council for the purposes of protecting itself and partner landlord Sanctuary Housing from allegations of breaking the law prior to my arrest.

That in view of the above only an external police force can “fairly” deal with a complaint involving a corrupt Cornwall Council, a corrupt NHS Trust and a corrupt Devon & Cornwall Police Force.

You will not find any of the above in any of the following Tory owned ‘Perfect World’ Cornish Comics :

Cornish Newspapers

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