Pictured : “Bennett’s CBE Folly”

Blog posted 09 March 2016



Bemused by a recent article in Sanctuary Housing’s “Voice” Winter 2015/16 magazine regarding “St Austell residents win blooming award”. Particularly bemused by Gover Ward Councillor Sandra Heyward receiving a commemorative certificate on behalf of the residents from St Austell’s Mayor Councillor Brian Palmer.

No mention of the tens of thousands of pounds Sanctuary Housing has cheated the Gover Road/Timber Close residents out of since 2009 by taking weekly Service Charge payments and not providing the Services.

No mention of the mediation scam upon me and a bribe I was offered to assist Sanctuary and TPAS bury their criminality. I declined of course.

No mention of Sanctuary’s greedy profiteering and fraud which led to the residents paying in excess of £130 a week for 2 hours gardening, or in excess of £500 a month for 8 hours work, or Sanctuary breaking its own Grounds Maintenance Specification and not even bothering to turn up some weeks despite being paid.

No mention of the willful blindness adopted by Cornwall Council and local MPs in looking the other way.

No mention of my personal involvement into forcing Sanctuary to cut its weekly Service Charge in half due to my exposing fraud since 2009 and which today saves  each resident approximately £2.00 a week.

No mention of the covert and unlawful toxic community created by Sanctuary and Cornwall Council at Timber Close by deceiving Homechoice bidders into bidding for Homechoice advertised properties without a preference which were already ‘ringfenced’ and allocated for certain types. A community which was detoxificated only after the death of a young woman despite weekly written warnings to Sanctuary MD and CEO etc. over many months. A toxic community which involved visits from the police most weeks and a toxic community which impacted negatively upon the other residents some of which are vulnerable and are still affected.

No mention of the 4 police officers with Devon & Cornwall Police who were reprimanded following a 15 month investigation by the IPCC and the unanswered questions which remain regarding Sanctuary Housing’s involvement in it.

As for Cllr Heyward in all the years I have lived on the estate I do not ever recall seeing her on it.

Although I have invited the Council and both then MP Stephen Gilbert and new MP Steve Double to visit Timber Close and explain to me why “Bennett’s CBE Folly” is not stealing money from flat residents every second it remains, none have done so.

Perhaps Cllr Heyward would like to have a look at “Bennett’s CBE Folly” and voice her opinion for and on behalf of Cornwall Council in exchange for a commemorative certificate from me.

I believe if you pulp these Sanctuary Housing “Voice” magazines they will act in the same way as manure. Now I wonder why that is.


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