Pictured is Simon Clark, Sanctuary Group Director, Housing and Support.

Blog posted 17 March 2016

                       SERVICE CHARGE & RENT PAYMENTS

Visited by a Sanctuary Income Officer a few weeks ago who claimed I owed just over £110 in Rent Arrears. I said a number of times that I owed nothing and that Sanctuary was engaged in deception, a criminal offence, by referring to Service Charge payments as Rent money. I requested a statement of the outstanding weekly Service Charge payments, held in an ESCROW Account, and payed an additional £10 a week on top of the Rent in case Sanctuary wasn’t engaged in deception or wasn’t seeking to repossess my home. Received no statement via Sanctuary MD Simon Clark so ceased paying the additional £10 until I received a statement. Received the statement this morning and the total Rent Arrears added with the outstanding Service Charge amounts came to within a few pence of the amount presently held in the ESCROW Account. This meaning I have been deceived by MD Simon Clark into returning some Service Charge money and that there was no Rent Arrears. The moral of the story being if an untrustworthy thief like Sanctuary MD Simon Clark or anyone else from Sanctuary Housing tells you you owe something, or threaten you with legal action if you do not comply, check your figures as chances are they are just trying to con you as well.

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