Open Letter to Sanctuary Housing.


Blog posted 27 August 2017

The following is an email reply to Sanctuary Housing’s Verity Gray, Group Customer Services Manager, dated 25 August 2017. It concerns my right to information on which to base an appeal against Changes to your Rent and Service Charge for the 2017 to 2018 period which began 03 July 2017. The request for information on which to base my appeal was made in June and I am still waiting.


Dear Ms Verity Gray, Sanctuary Housing Group Customer Services Manager.

Thank you for your reply of 11 August 2017.

With further regard to Danny Altoft, Income Team Manager, let me be clear.

If you, as Sanctuary Group Services Manager, was assured by Mr Altoft that I would receive an already overdue response to my appeal no later than 04 August 2017, which I did not, your advice that I, a tenant, should then chase up Mr Altoft by phoning him is quite ridiculous and unhelpful.

With regard to housing officer Sarah Justin at Sanctuary Housing in Exeter, Simon Clark, Sanctuary Group Director, Housing and Support, will confirm that I do not engage with the staff at the Exeter Branch due to a criminal Mediation Scam involving its corrupt Head of Operations (South West) Richard Keeley and other senior staff.

This being the reason why I continue to update Simon Clark, CEO David Bennett and secretaries in a weekly email which I have continued to send for a number of years.

My MP also receives a copy and others if appropriate.

Within that email is the following statement which has been repeated every week for years.

With regard to Sanctuary Housing in Devon I still will not “engage” with anyone involved in the criminality of 2009, it’s cover-up and further criminality in 2010 which you, Crawley and Bennett have been kept fully informed of. When the Board closed my complaint of 2009 unresolved and against my wishes the Board accepted responsibility for the criminality of it’s staff.

The weekly email contains a disturbing insight in how not to treat tenants and tax payers and which now runs to 59 pages. Perhaps you would like a copy?

I will never forget the entries in 2014 requesting those at Head Office do something about the unlawful and covert toxic community created by Sanctuary for Cornwall Council’s ‘certain types’ and that someone would die here sooner or later.

21 April 2014, I today report the doss house (flat) at Timber Close provided by the Council and approved by Sanctuary in 2012 continues to provide a nuisance. 3 police cars visited this week at different times and the most at any one time was 5 cars some time ago. Only the other week a drunk knocked on my door wanting to come in then wanted money when I told him to sod off. It is only a matter of time before a drunk (* or drug abuser) dies here and when that happens I will fully expose the Council and Bennett for it. I particularly feel sorry for the vulnerable female resident (* with disabilities) who has to live below these toxic parasites. (* amended and up-dated 19 May 2014)

16 June 2014, I today report 2 police cars, an ambulance and a fire engine were observed in the flats car park on the evening of 11 June 2014, due to fireworks being thrown into flat 43, I was told. You will recall flat 43 remained empty for some 6 months before the present resident was dumped here. I believe a resident has already reported this incident to Sanctuary in Exeter. The resident also believes, as I do, that someone connected to the flat for drunks or flat 43 will die here sooner or later. The Rotary Drier used by the drunks now needs the line to be repaired or replaced.

Although the flat in question was the result of unlawful ring-fencing and deception, those at Head Office engaged only in willful blindness. On 2nd November 2014 a young 30 year old woman associated with the flat was removed from the scheme in a body bag and in a black ambulance and a ‘detoxification’ process quickly followed as the flat was repossessed. It then remained empty for some 6 months despite the high demand for 1 bedroom social housing properties and despite there being some 30,000 applicants on the then housing waiting list.

Unfortunately the resident referred to on 16 June 2014 knew the deceased from a baby and remains traumatized, as was also later reported.

I think it perfectly reasonable to accuse those at Head Office of gross negligence and guilty of corporate manslaughter. Cornwall Council was party to this.

Not unlike the criminal abuse and neglect my long term mentally ill wife was subjected to by rigged Cornwall Homechoice Welfare Priority Assessments involving Cornwall Council and the Cornwall Foundation Trust, who acknowledged her health was deteriorating at the time of the rigged Assessments, and before she was murdered by the Trust some 8 months later.

I will also never forgive or forget the covert hand delivered letter of repossession of my home by Sanctuary a few hours before she died resulting from confidential information the Council shared with Sanctuary. My late wife being neither a tenant of the Council or Sanctuary Housing.

I should point out that Devon & Cornwall Police will do nothing other than cover-up crimes involving Cornwall Council and its Partners like Sanctuary. This also applies to Cornish MPs and Councillors who have proven to be no less corrupt and complicit in looking the other way.

The following are examples and the email entry below was provided in my reply to you and others on 07 August 2017, regarding Sanctuary’s corrupt office at Banbury, OX17 3DZ, and one Daren Nowlan who has since been promoted for his criminal endeavours. I refer to the Summer 2017 ‘Voice’ publication.

“27 June 2016, I today also report, in response to written “Rent Arrears” demands of 10, 23, 30 November 2015, 07 December 2015, 15 February 2016, 24 May 2016, 07 June and 14 June 2016, that I will shortly be lodging a formal allegation of harassment against my landlord with Devon & Cornwall Police. That under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 my landlord has willfuly engaged in a course of conduct on more that one occasion which he knew to be false and threatening and which caused me to feel harassed and distressed and which a reasonable person would think amounted to or involved harassment. That both you Mr Clark, CEO Bennett, and also Mr D. Nowlan, did nothing to stop these letters being sent to me despite you all being made fully aware in writing that I owed no “Rent Arrears”.

Furthermore, in response to the enormous duress I have wrongly been subjected to these last 8 months I can no longer support myself financially and I have little choice but to sign on. I have agreed to my landlord being paid Rent & Service Charge payments directly. The Service Charge payments held in Escrow is evidence and will only be resolved in a court of law. Because it relates to my unlawful arrest in 2012, four police officers being reprimanded, and questions involving Sanctuary Housing remaining unanswered, it is still my wish that the Chief Constable will agree to another police force investigating my unlawful arrest in 2012 and in 2015, due to a conflict of interest and my innocence remaining un-investigated”, unquote.

The closure of my 17 year old business and signing on for JSA was the result of a threat to take Legal Proceedings and a month long email scam by Cornwall Council.

As indicated, I was unlawfully arrested for Harassment in 2012 in connection with the previously mentioned Mediation Scam involving TPAS and Sanctuary Housing, and 4 police officers with Devon & Cornwall Police were reprimanded only following a white-wash by the (PSD) and a cover-up by the IPCC.

More recently in 2015, I was again unlawfully arrested in connection with that Mediation Scam and this time for ‘Harassment with Violence’ against Keeley’s friend Oonah Lacey, the TPAS Mediator who was sacked for alleged fraud within months of that Mediation Scam.

The charge of ‘Harassment with Violence’ was groundless and fraudulent and was not even mentioned in recorded interview. I was then fitted up for another crime involving crimes by Cornwall Council and Partners and the recorded interview evidence was edited to protect them. This then involved appearing at a guilty only plea court and continuing abuse months afterwards.

It was during this time, as previously reported on 27 June 2016, that Sanctuary engaged in a course of harassment and threats of legal proceedings to assist the Council’s orchestrated and unlawful arrest in collusion with others.

The fraudulent charge has at least served to resurrect the buried complaint of 2012.

Perhaps now we will finally discover what was said in a telephone conversation between Devon & Cornwall Police and Sanctuary Housing in mid-March 2012 and before Keeley’s job description rapidly changed from “Regional Director” to “Head of Operations (South West)”, to protect him and Sanctuary and approved by those at Head Office, and before Devon & Cornwall Police had even received the written complaint of Harassment against me dated 05 April 2012. A written complaint I am still denied a copy of 5 years later.

Perhaps Simon Clark, who eventually confessed in writing that I had not consented to Mediation, nor had the proprietor of the Tengo coffee shop where TPAS and Sanctuary had covertly conducted the Mediation Scam, might also now like to confess that he did engage in bribery and blackmail to bury the Mediation Scam.

In closing I feel I should remind Sanctuary Housing that the information I requested to assist my right to appeal the Changes to your Rent and Service Charge  has now taken nearly 2 months and I am still waiting. So much for transparency and my rights.

With regard to the information you provided on 11 August 2017 regarding ‘Fly-Tipping’, some clearances to July 2017 are missing.

One entry you did provide refers to “Removal of paint tins and bulky items from bin store – 21.06.16 – Estates (WO – 6189479/1) Amount in local currency £93.75”.

The following entry in the weekly email to Worcester details the items which were removed the following day.

20 June 2016, I today confirm the mobility scooter and an item of furniture reported on 06 June remain in the bin store. I also report a sack truck, a chair, 2 x large boxes of loose rubbish and dozens of paint tins have been dumped in the store which the team member will confirm. Prior to the bins being emptied on Wednesday 15 June a number of bins, including mine, had been half filled with loose metal items.

The landlord knew which flat and tenant the “mobility scooter” was associated with because it was subject to a complaint to the LGO in 2012. This involved the flat being unlawfully ring-fenced and a wooden shed being erected without planning permission to accommodate the mobility scooter to complete the illusion the tenant needed a mobility scooter.

The flat was partly furnished, had a £2,000 wet-floor shower room adaption installed for a previous tenant, was misleadingly advertised and the new tenant decorated before moving in.

The shed remains without planning permission despite the Council’s Planning Department advising Sanctuary it should apply for permission. The tenant never used the mobility scooter because the tenant uses a car. If the tenant could not use a car due to some disability it would have been near impossible to have used a mobility scooter with it being stored some distance from the tenant’s flat and without the facility to charge its battery.

The landlord also knew who the “sack truck” and “large boxes of loose rubbish and dozens of paint tins” belonged to, but still, like the mobility scooter, fraudulently made paying residents and Cornish tax payers cover the cost of £93.75 to remove them.

There are other examples of Sanctuary Housing not advising known tenants to contact Cornwall Council to have so called fly-tipped items removed because Sanctuary was profiteering by charging up to £47.50 to remove large items like an armchair that was removed on 26 November 2015.

And if my landlord does not know what “Fly-Tipping” clearances are missing from the incomplete information you provided to assist my appeal, then perhaps we should add false accountancy to the list.

So why all the detail?

I do not like having my time wasted and because this email will serve as an Open Letter.

Yours sincerely


Geoff McLaughlin

34 Timber Close, St Austell, Cornwall. PL25 5NZ


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