Sanctuary Housing’s Daren Nowlan.

Voice Summer

Blog posted 22 August 2017

Sanctuary Housing tenants receiving the latest Summer 2017 Voice ‘PR and spin’ magazine will notice a new face on the inside front cover. Daren Nowlan, Operations Director – Housing Services, who has replaced Simon Clark, Group Director, Housing and Support.

So who is Daren Nowlan ?


The last time I dealt with the very corrupt Daren Nowlan at Sanctuary Housing Services Limited, in Banbury, he engaged in a course of conduct that amounted to Harassment, with Head Office approval, to willfuly misrepresent weekly Service Charge payments as “Rent Arrears”. This ran between November 2015 to June 2016 and included threats of Legal Proceedings. The following report was entered into an updated email I provide Senior Executives at Worcester every week.

27 June 2016, I today also report, in response to written “Rent Arrears” demands of 10, 23,30 November 2015, 07 December 2015, 15 February 2016, 24 May 2016, 07, 14 June 2016, that I will shortly be lodging a formal written allegation of harassment against my landlord with Devon & Cornwall Police. That under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 my landlord has willfuly engaged in a course of conduct on more than one occasion which he knew to be false and threatening and which has caused me to feel harassed and distressed and which a reasonable person would think amounted to or involved harassment. That both you Mr Clark, CEO Bennett, and also Mr D. Nowlan, did nothing to stop these letters being sent to me despite you all being made fully aware in writing that I owed no “Rent Arrears”.

Unfortunately, Sanctuary Housing is a housing partner of an equally corrupt Cornwall Council and both have colluded over the years. So much so that the Council’s bought and paid for Devon & Cornwall Police Force has broken the law previously to protect Sanctuary, the Council and its other partners.

The Police will not therefore act on the complaint and Sanctuary will continue to be above the law.

But that does not mean I cannot write about it because the likelihood of Daren Nowlan or Sanctuary Housing taking me to court for engaging in free speech is extremely unlikely because that would involve scrutiny.

In the old days an employee would have been dismissed for engaging in criminality upon a customer, which I suppose demonstrates what kind of employer the charity Sanctuary Housing really is.  

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