Pictured is the front cover of Sanctuary Housing’s “Voice” Spring 2014 Magazine.


Blog entered 21 May 2014


Hello Simon

Re : The Latest edition of Sanctuary Housing’s Spring 2014 “Voice” Magazine.

In reply to “we’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see and how we can improve the magazine”, I really do appreciate you giving me the opportunity, truly.

I suppose the biggest improvement I can personally suggest is for Sanctuary to stop using so much manure when writing about Grounds Maintenance issues such as that to be found on pages 17 and 18. Perhaps Sanctuary could also stop telling residents how happy they are or should be based on what limited or misleading information is offered to them.

With regards to Grounds Maintenance it would have been more informative to tell readers about the ‘Grounds Maintenance Specification’ which sets out what Sanctuary should do for the Service Charge it takes. That this Specification is available to residents in their areas and which will assist them monitor how well Sanctuary is really doing, or not doing, or if Sanctuary is frauduently stealing from them, as is the case where I live and since 2009.

This would really benefit residents Tell You What They Really Think on pages 15 and 16.

As you know Timber Close has of some 50 properties and Sanctuary’s in-house Maintenance Estate Services Team, a gardner (singular) visits on Tuesdays for 2 hours. The tasks specified in the Specification are usually ignored and the weekly Service Charge amounts to in excess of £140.00 per 2 hourly visit or in excess of £560.00 per month for 8 hours work.

You will recall I can only give a conservative estimate because you, for and on behalf of Sanctuary and CEO David Bennett, have refused to let me know how much weekly service charge my neighbours pay.

I was particularly interested in the reference ‘Communal areas cleaning’ regarding ‘bin storage areas’ cleaned of any rubbish.

As both you and Bennett have been made fully aware via weekly emails, both Richard Keeley, Head of Housing Operations (South West) and Helen Harding, Operations Manager – South West, lied when they stated the bin store, now renamed “Bennett’s Rubbish Dump”, is checked on a weekly basis according to Keeley and every Tuesday according to Harding.

In reality “Bennett’s Rubbish Dump” is not checked or cleaned at all as demonstrated yesterday when the “Estate Teams” gardner visited and once again left “Bennett’s Rubbish Dump” looking like an uncleared, uncleaned, unhealthy and hazardous shit-hole when I had to use it this morning.

You will recall a series of emails not so long ago when I advised you and Bennett of items other than household waste which had been dumped in the store. That the series of up-dated emails ran every week for some 15 weeks before the ‘Maintenance Team’ finally entered into “Bennett’s Rubbish Dump” and finally removed the items.

I am particularly annoyed the gardner was not observed doing anything yesterday other than pick up litter and that Sanctuary had again wilfully engaged in fraud in not clearing and cleaning “Bennett’s Rubbish Dump” or carrying out the tasks indicated in the ‘Grounds Maintenance Specification’, but which Sanctuary still benefited from financially.

Need I remind you and Bennett that Cornwall has a serious rat problem at the moment and that you pair of rodents risk only making matters worse.

Finally, I am drawn to the article’s closing statement that “As with any service, we aim to deliver the best service possible, so if you have any feedback please pass it on to your local Housing Officer”, unquote.

You will recall every member of Sanctuary’s Board and the CEO himself have received written feedback from me regulary as far back as 2009 when Sanctuary ripped the residents off big time and wilfully broke the law. Are you therefore suggesting a Housing Officer is in some way more responsible and accountable than the Directors, Executive Officers, Board Members and the CEO himself ?

I know you would want to take a personal interest in any feedback resulting from the “Voice” and know you will not mind me giving out your email address so residents who do contact their Housing Officer with praise or a complaint can also copy you at

Yours sincerely

Geoff McLaughlin






Blog entered 18 May 2014


What do you call a Sargeant who did things he should not have done ?

You call him Crooked.

What do you call 2 Officers who also did things they should not have done ?

You call them Corrupt.

What do you call 2 Sargeants and 2 Officers who did things they should not have done ?

You call it a Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice.

(But not according to D&CC and the IPCC)




Picture shows one of the hedgerows being trimmed during an earlier visit to Timber Close.


Trophy Winner for Monday 12 May 2014 goes to the Sanctuary Housing’s ‘Estates Team’ who attend Timber Close weekly for 2 hours every Tuesday, according to Helen Harding, Sanctuary Housing Operations Manager – South West, Exeter.

Pictured is the ‘Estates Team’, that’s right all one of him, which Sanctuary charges in excess of £140.00 for attending for 2 hours every Tuesday, or in excess of £560.00 for attending 8 hours a month, or in excess of £6,720.00 for attending less than 100 hours a year.

Sanctuary’s “Grounds Maintenance Specification” is a document which sets out what tasks should be done every week, every fortnight and every month etc., and is Sanctuary’s part of the deal so to speak.

The 2013 – 2014 “Grounds Maintenance Specification” indicates 5 x weekly tasks, 1 x fortnightly task, 3 x monthly tasks, 1 x quarterly task, 2 x 6 monthly tasks and 3 x yearly tasks.

The ‘Sanctuary Housing Idiot Trophy’, S.H.I.T. for short, is awarded today only for ‘Hedges and Bushes’, a task which should be done every month. This because the gardner did the hedges and bushes last Tuesday 6 May 2014.

According to the Specification the “Performance Standard” for ‘Hedges and Bushes’ is as follows : “To be carried out in accordance with standard horticultural practice for bush/hedge type, to remove dead/diseased/excess plant matter and branches/foliage overhanging in a manner which interferes with the use of the footpath/highway/roads/paths/car parks etc. Remove all trimmings from site”, unquote.

So what did the residents get for their weekly Service Charge ?

Hedges and bushes were trimmed and the trimmings were then blown underneath the hedges and bushes with the aid of a petrol driven blower, hardly “standard hoticultural practice”. This then prevented the weekly tasks of removing all leaves from the grass, and all areas to be left clear of rubbish, litter, leaves, etc. and all trimmings to be removed from site.

Because some hedges have never been trimmed adequately enough to prevent them interfering with some Rotary Driers, the “Grounds Maintenance Specification” has remained a fraud in the way it has continually and wilfully failed to maintain and provide the Services the residents have been paying for every week since 2009.

With further regard to the Rotary Driers this has been further compounded with the introduction last year of “Bennetts Folly”, a white elephant of a construction which has meant 2 Rotary Driers are no longer fit for purpose despite the residents still having to pay for them every week.

This somewhat trimmed, blown away and two green fingered fraud is therefore awarded to Sanctuary’s ‘Estates Team’, Helen Harding, Richard Keeley, Simon Clark, the Board Directors and the CEO David Bennett for proving if you are big enough and corrupt enough you can get away with anything. (Moreso if Cornwall Council has anything to do with it).

Footnote : For those of you who think this is a trivial issue I would ask you to consider the following.

A Cornish gardening firm would charge in the region of £10.00 per hour per man saving in excess of £120.00 a week from just over 50 properties. Sanctuary owns some 95,000 properties with a proportion of those residents most likely paying excessive Service Charges for what they get. A high proportion of these residents will be in receipt of benefits with their Rents and excessive Service Charges being met by local Authorities. This amounts to Profiteering on a Grand Scale Nationally.




Picture shows the actual item which may well have been a dummy, or ‘placebo’ in medical terms.

Blog entered 7 May 2014

New Wonder Cure For Deteriorating Mental Health.

The new wonder cure is a Guinness Hermitage CCTV camera according to Cornwall Council when it then awarded the tenant ‘Low Welfare Priority’.

Being a bit hard to swallow, the Guinness Hermitage tenant with deteriorating long term mental illness eventually died of neglect and cancer.

(Another Cornwall Housing Partnership Collusion)




Blog entered Monday 5 May 2014

                               TIMBER CLOSE PARK, ST AUSTELL, CORNWALL.

The Timber Close Park was officially opened on Saturday 22 February 2014, despite winter storm damage to fences around the estate which remain a hazard and an eyesore to this day.

The Park was funded by Sanctuary Housing’s Regional Community Investment Fund in partnership with Cornwall Council and supported by Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change (CN4C).

Michael Howarth, Sanctuary Housing’s Neighbourhood Communications Officer in the South West, commented “The investment in Timber Close has been a long-term one and everyone here at Sanctuary is thrilled with the results. Children can now play together whilst being safe and not causing disruption to other members of the community”.

                                    REALITY CHECK

Cornwall Council has since confirmed the weekly cost to maintain the Park is solely down to Sanctuary Housing.

Sanctuary Housing has since confirmed “the family properties in Timber Close did participate in a consultation process with regard to the play area and the possible impact on their service charge of its provision. Residents of flats were not involved in this consultation as they are not family properties, do not benefit from the addition of the play area, nor are they required to pay a service charge towards it’s maintenance”, unquote, Helen Harding, Sanctuary Operations Manager – South West.

Since the opening in March 2014 the weekly up-keep and maintenance of the Park has been carried out by the same Sanctuary gardener who visits every Tuesday for 2 hours. More misleadingly put by Helen Harding when she stated “The Estates Team attend weekly for 2 hours every Tuesday”, unquote. The “Team” being somewhat more singular in reality.

The problem with this is myself and the flat residents are contributing towards the weekly cost of the maintainance of the Park within the specified 2 hours. That this additional responsibility was not indicated in June 2013 when the present weekly Service Charge period was introduced and began in July 2013. Nor were the flat residents consulted since July 2013 which Ms Harding has already confirmed.

Sanctuary already frauduently profiteers from the Timber Close residents via the weekly Service Charge and the prospect of a reduction is reduced when additional responsibilities are added and there are more young visitors to the estate. We currently pay in excess of £140.00 for the gardner to visit for 2 hours every Tuesday, or in excess of £560.00 for 8 hours work a month, or in excess of £6,720.00 for less than 100 hours work over 12 months. There are a few other built in costs but these can be off-set by the weeks the gardner has not visited but Sanctuary has still been paid.

The reason I cannot be precise with these figures is because Simon Clark, Managing Director, Sanctuary Housing Services, for and on behalf of Sanctuary CEO David Bennett, has refused to let me know how much the weekly Service Charges are for the 29 family properties in Timber Close and the 7 Sanctuary properties in Gover Road. Information which was freely available to all residents up until a few years ago. That Sanctuary has become less transparent.

Although I have asked a few residents in the family properties to let me know in confidence none has yet done so.

Stephen Gilbert MP and Cornwall Council have been aware of my allegations for a number of years but the fraud and profiteering has continued uninterrupted. Fraud because the ‘Grounds Maintenance Specification’, something else which use to be provided to every resident, indicates when certain tasks should be done but which are usually ignored because the time required would exceed the amount of time available.

Some readers may remember Michael Howarth, Sanctuary Housing’s Neighbourhood Communications Officer in the South West, as the “Slimy Serpent” in “The Medevil History of Castle Sanctuary”. This for Michael’s role in assisting the “Wicked Witch”, namely the then Sanctuary Area Manager Janet Swales, to unlawfully con, deceive and steal from the “Pixies”, the flat residents, with the “Deed of Deception”, a questionnaire in 2009.

This resulted in Cornwall Council being ripped off of in excess of £3,000.00 by it’s housing partner Sanctuary in 2009. Myself being scammed by an unlawful Mediation process by TPAS for Sanctuary in 2010. Harassment to myself by Cornwall Council and Sanctuary in 2011. My arrest and detention by the police in 2012, following a complaint by the ex-TPAS mediator who was earlier sacked by TPAS for alleged fraud. The complaint being against my Website Blogs which then led to an official complaint against 3 Police Officers in 2013, which has still yet to be investigated by the IPCC. Legal proceedings against me in 2013 by Wragge & Co for Sanctuary for full repossession of my home for witholding Rent and Service Charge payments of in excess of £2,000.00. This because part of the sum owed was the result of fraud by Sanctuary and belonged to me. Sanctuary is still considered by most to be above the law.

In closing I return to the blown down fences which were evident when the Park was opened. According to Michael Howarth “Children can now play together whilst being safe and not causing disruption to other members of the community”, unquote. Although I have observed children playing on the fallen fences and debrie the issue is not a Health & Safety one according to Sanctuary’s Helen Harding. That in someway it can only become an Health & Safety issue when a child is hurt or injured by these hazards. A very negligent attitude and not very comforting to parents I am sure.

It really is not good enough when one considers Sanctuary’s corrupt CEO is paid £310,000.00 a year, Sanctuary has a multi million pound turnover, Sanctuary is the largest social housing provider in the country with in excess of 92,000 properties and Sanctuary is a CHARITY.






Blog entered 2 May 2014


The 1 Bedroom Ground Floor Flat at Timber Close, St Austell, was advertised through Cornwall Homechoice between 18 to 22 January 2014. The property is owned by one of Cornwall Council’s Homechoice housing partners Sanctuary Housing, also my landlord, and the picture shows the flat in question.

Although there are currently over 28,000 applicants registered with Cornwall Homechoice and only a small number of vacancies each week according to the Council, this Homechoice property disappeared off the radar so to speak.

The property had not been declared on the Council’s ‘Recent Lets’ ‘Outcomes for CBL’ website information to assist Homechoice bidders and it has not been re-advertised.

According to Jon Warner, Homechoice Manager West/Central, Cornwall Housing Limited, on 18 March 2014, “we have made a nomination to Sanctuary Housing and they are considering this applicant”, unquote.

According to Helen Harding, Sanctuary Housing Operations Manager – South West, on 8 April; 2014, “With regard to the void property in Timber Close and the length of time it has remained empty ; I can assure you that we have followed the correct procedure in this case”, unquote.

The lost revenue on this property now exceeds £1,000.00 and it is not known if the Council will reimburse Sanctuary, a Charity, or if Sanctuary will simply recoup it’s losses by increasing it’s Rent or Service Charges in July 2014.

In response to my blog of 28 April 2014, I lodged a formal complaint with Cornwall Council yesterday regarding the lack of transparency regarding this property and I await a reply.

Since yesterday the Council’s ‘Recent Lets’ ‘Outcomes for CBL’ website information has been up-dated to include an entry for the property.

(a) The total number of bidders was higher than I thought it would be at 160 bids.

(b) The effective date was earlier than I thought it would be at 04/12/2013.

(c) The ‘Preference / Eligibliities applied’ is indicated Y (Yes) and the property was advertised without any preferences and was open to all bandings. ‘Band D’ is indicated.

I visited the property during the writing of this up-date and it is still empty. Only time will tell if the property was ‘ringfenced’ for certain types despite false statements made by Vinson and Mansell MBE for and on behalf of the Council.

It should also be acknowledged that the Local Government Ombudsman was “Investigating” the Council at the time this property was advertised and ruled “The Council has not unfairly allocated properties in favour of certain applicants or breached its housing allocation policy”, unquote.

The truth is the Ombudsman did not investigate any of the evidence offered to her regarding Homechoice properties being covertly allocated to certain types of applicants. That genuine Homechoice bidders were deceived, some advertised properties were coverty furnished/part furnished and that disabled applicants were also discriminated against as specially adapted properties were awarded to these certain types of applicants, namely the homeless and alcoholics, without a medical need of the adaption.

The above charade was a wilfull conspiracy by the LGO, Sanctuary Housing and Cornwall Council to protect the Council and Sanctuary. Cornwall Council because it was it’s agenda and it’s responsibility to re-house these certain types and Sanctuary because it agreed to the Council’s covert nominations which meant both wilfully broke the law, both wilfully abused Homechoice  and both wilfully decieved Homechoice applicants and bidders.

As for the LGO even the Government and politicians know it is a perverse institution but one which makes dirty Councils look clean. So much so that I am reminded of the following quotation : that the Local Government Ombudsman “Operate the most perverse and publicly criticised system of administrative justice in the world”, unquote.

A corrupt Ombudsman who made her ‘Final Decision’ in favour of Cornwall Council before I had even read the Council’s reply to my complaint. An Ombudsman I accused of cultivating corruption rather than ending it in the public interest.

I will provide a further up-date once Cornwall Council responds to my formal complaint.





Blog entered 2 May 2014


               OYEZ   OYEZ   OYEZ

Received Election Communication recently from the Lib Dems.

Front cover “News and views from across Mid Cornwall”, “Delivering for Cornwall”, “Protecting Local Jobs”.

Back cover “Delivering Jobs For Cornwall”.

Communication brochure printed in :